Holy Relics
In St. Takla Himanot Church


As a tradition of the Coptic Orthodox Church, the church glorifies saints, hold spiritual meetings, people chant spiritual praises in their memories (which is considered as feasts), and also keeps parts of their blessed bodies or/and belongings..

We have holy relcis for some great saints.. they guide us along with St. Takla Haymanot through our journey in life towards heaven..  They are located beside the women and men Khoras (left and right).

Here they are, with a breif about the history of bringing them to the church.

1- St. Takla Hemanout

          We mentioned before that "El-Meades Youssef Habeeb" had a great deal in helping the church bring Saint Takla's body.

          Priests and some people noticed, at Saint Brarbra's Church in Misr El-Kadima in Cairo, Saint Takla's Body.. And after asking about it, they were told that it had been known that this is a part of Saint Takla's body, but there were no proofs!

          But they longed to have part of his body at his church in Alexandria.. So they asked Pope Shenouda (who were still at that time the Bishop of Education), to help them in that matter.. But he said that that was not in his authority.. They told him: "God willing.. It would be in your authority". (as he was nominated to Patriarchate at that time).

            After he became a Pope, they asked him again, but he said that there were no proof that this body is Saint Takla's. So Mr. Youssef Habeeb started searching and reading in the scriptures that are kept in the monasteries.. to try finding any thread of evidence about that.. And God helped him after about six whole months, till it was sure that that body is a part of Saint Takla's.

          And that was as follows: The Ethiopians had a monastery for them at “Wadi El-Natrooon” (in Egypt). And the Ethiopian Monks used to visit it and stay at it for a while, on their ways to and from the Holy Lands (Jerusalem). They kept there parts of Saint Takla’s relics.. And at the time of destroying monasteries, monks moved holy bodies (and Saint Takla was among them) to Saint Barbra's Church (which was the residence of the Patriarchate at that time).

          They brought this brochure to Pope Shenouda, who revised it, and agreed to their request..

          The holy body was divided under the care of Bishop Bachomious (of El-Behera and the western five countries), Father Marcoss Ghaly (the minister of the Patriarchate), Father Mina Iskander (Saint Barbrbra's Church), and Mr Michel Nickola (head of Saint Barbra's Monastery). And that was on the morning of 1st January 1972 (before Saint Takla's celebration day with two days).

          And on the way to his church in Alexandria, the body passed by Saint Abou Sefeen's Monastery, (where a big celebration were made), and another celebration but bigger were made during passing the holy body by the Patriarchate of El-Behera.

          Finally, Saint Takla's Body was delivered to his Church in Alexandria at 8:00 P.M. of the same day, where a great celebration was made.. and the body was put in its box by Bishop Bachomious, and with the presence of Monk Mina Ava-Mina (the minister of the Patriarchate) and 100s of people and deacons…

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2- St. Zakhareas

          The church managed in bringing part of Saint Zakharias' holy body.. At the times of making some mending at Saint George's Church in Sakha, people there found four bodies under the four posts which holds the church's vault. And it seemed that all are priests, except the fourth seemed to be more honorable because of his clothes and bigger cross.. and after a lot of prayers and fasting, they knew that this is Saint Zakharias' holy body.

          They brought parts of the four bodies under the care of Bishop Bishoy (of Demiat and Kafr El-Sheik, and the head of Saint Demiana's Monastery), and that was in 15 Hatour 1691 M. (24 November 1974).

          Then Bishop Bishoy lead the prayers over the holy relic in Alexandria, with the presence of Father Wisa El-Souriany (the minister of the Patriarchate).

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3- El-Fayoum Martyrs

          These holy bodies were brough at 20 Mesra 1708 (26 August 1992), and they were handed to Bishop Benjamin (the Pope's minister in Alexandria) by Bishop Abraam (of El-Fayoum).



4- Akhmeem Martyrs


5- St. Simon the Tanner


6- St. Bashnouna


7- The Apostels of St. Thomas the anchorite


8- St. George


9- St. Philopater ( Abou Sefeen )

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