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Saint Zakharias


+ His father, John, was a clerk in the divan. He left his job & was consecrated as a priest, so Zakharias his son grew up in a religious atmosphere. After that he worked as his father a clerk in the divan, where he met his friend "Aplatus". Image: Saint Zacharias Bishop of Xois (Sakha) صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: الأنبا زخارياس أسقف سخا Image: Saint Zacharias Bishop of Xois (Sakha)

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: الأنبا زخارياس أسقف سخا

+ Because they both suffered a lot, they agreed on leaving their jobs to go to the wilderness and become monks.. But when the ruler of "Sakha" knew that he refused and stopped them.

+ A few days later they saw a person (probably an angel) and he told them: "Why didn't you both fulfill your vow that you've agreed on?!". So they left the ruler's service and went immediately to the wilderness, without even knowing which way to go to. So the Lord prepared a monk to meet them and he took them to "Saint John the short's Monastery".. And when their friends knew, they tried to make them go back but God stopped them..

+ They went there about 630 A.D. whorshipping God and praying in asceticism. At the same time St. "Georgy" was there, so they took him as a councilor, consulting him in all their spiritual needs..


+ After about ten years, the Bishop of "Sakha" died, so the people asked Pope "Simon" I (689-701) to make Zakharias as their Bishop.. Although St. Zakharias refused, the Pope ordained him against his will.

+ A great thing happened while ordaining him; a great light glared at the church, and his face turned and shone as a star..

+ St. Zakharias was very popular at his time and ours because of his great books; he wrote a lot of articles and preachments, and categorized books.. (among them was his books about Jesus entering Jerusalem, Nineveh's repentance, and the biographies of Saint Abraham, Saint John the short, and Saint Georgy). He was very eloquent, and full of grace.. He was a Bishop for 30 years, and he passed away at 725 A. D.


His prayers be with us all.. AMEN.

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