In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, One God, Amen
Ϧⲉⲛ ⲫ̀ⲣⲁⲛ ⲙ̀Ⲫ̀ⲓⲱⲧ ⲛⲉⲙ  Ⲡ̀ϣⲏⲣⲓ ⲛⲉⲙ Ⲡⲓⲡ̀ⲛⲉⲩⲙⲁ  ⲉⲑⲟⲩⲁⲃ, Ⲟⲩⲛⲟⲩϯ ⲛ̀ⲟⲩⲱⲧ, ⲁ̀ⲙⲏⲛ

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The heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt


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