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This page is an answer to a request of many people who asked us about Coptic Directory on the Internet..   and we found out that many sites doesn't provide this service, or at least, they don't provide visitors with aan extensive Coptic Links (the official ones) as we do here.

Many sites bear inside them many different issues, as this one, and they are all in here..  Because the name of the site rarely is the same as its contents!

It is important that you know that not all there sites give the exact Coptic and Christian point of view to some issues, as they are always changing, and reflects personal opinions more than truth! Specially News, Forums, Chat Rooms, Groups, and the differences between religions, that's why we removed them all from the archive of the Coptic Links, as many of them -but not all- has copied articles without adding a note to where it is copied from, or dogmatic mistakes that some talk about as if they were true, or inappropriate pictures, or adding general stuff that are against the faith, or the site not following an official Coptic organization, and also the sites that are put on free servers that might contain ads against the nature of the site itself...  So one must be wise when visiting such sites especially, and any sites in general.  Some websites are just a copy of others, so we didn't and will not add it here!

Sites URLs change all the time, so if you found any site that needs updating tell us, and also if you found any Coptic sites not listed here, or the Home Page for your Church, inform us and we'll check it and add it.  Noting that we stopped adding sites of forums, egroups, or sites put on free servers for the above mentioned reasons.  And we will continue to remove such inappropriate sites.  Finally, if you noticed any sites that doesn't go with the Coptic Orthodox creed, or attacking other religions, please report it to us, so we remove it from this Coptic Directory.                     Divider     فاصل موقع الكنيسة المسيحية القبطية الأرثوذكسية: الأنبا تكلا هيمانوت

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Diocese and Bishoprics Websites In Egypt and abroad
2 Coptic Orthodox Churches Websites In Egypt and around the world
3 Coptic Multimedia Websites Hymns, spiritual songs, praises..
4 Coptic Monasteries Websites In Egypt and abroad
5 Newspapers and Magazines Websites of Christian nature..
6 Coptic Language Websites Lessons, and articles about it
7 Books, Libraries & Bookshops Websites Printed books, E-books, tapes, CDs..
8 Saints and Martyrs Websites Coptic & Christian
9 Christian People Websites In Egypt and abroad
10 Coptic Organizations Websites Councils, institutions, museums..
11 Miscellaneous & General Sites Websites Web sites of articles & general nature..
12 Educational Websites Universities, Schools and Institutes
13 Coptic Email Websites Sign up for Coptic E-mails
14 Online Coptic Broadcasting Websites | Live Streaming/Channels Listen to online Christian radios, watch channels..
15 Services, Ministries and Charity Websites and other donation-related links..
16 Other Orthodox Sites (Non-Coptic) for sister churches.

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