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We are trying here to collect all the Spiritual Songs and Hymns Lyrics.. so to make it easier for servants who prepare service pamphlets.. and making memorizing Coptic hymns much easier..  It is considered a "Hymns Text Book".

- Please if you have any lyric that is not here, send it to us by E-mail and we'd add it as soon as possible..
- Also contact us if you noticed any errors or typos and we'll fix it..
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- If you need any spiritual song lyric that is not here, tell us and we would try to find it and add it.
- If you noticed any lyric that doesn't not go with the Coptic Orthodox creed, tell us so we remove it or make add a note regarding that.
- Last but not least, you could share in this service by typing Spiritual Songs' Lyrics or Praise so we add it, in order to make a big Library for Spiritual Songs' Lyrics, and a Full Database for Lyrics and Praises on the Internet.


English Lyrics:

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Glorifications and Venerations


Arabic Lyrics:

1- Coptic Lyrics of Spiritual Songs:

Alef | Beh | Teh | Theh | Geem | Hah | Khah | Dal | Zal

Reh | Zein | Seen | Sheen | Saad | Daad | Tah | Zah

Ein | Ghein | Feh | Kaf | Kaaf | Laam | Meem

Noon | Heh | Waw | Yeh

2- Coptic Praise & Glory of Saints Lyrics

Text of the Arabic Holy Liturgies
(Raising Incense - St. Basil's Liturgy - St. Gregory Liturgy - St. Cyril's Mass - Divisions Prayers)

Txt of Arabic / Coptic Psalomdy (Epsalmodea / Tasbeha)
(Raising Incense - St. Basil's Liturgy - St. Gregory Liturgy - St. Cyril's Mass - Divisions Prayers)

Text of Coptic Deacon's Service [AR]

Annual Epsalias [AR]

Orthodox Praises [AR]

Kiahk Month Praises & Epsalmodia [AR]

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