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Comparative Theology, book by H. H. Pope Shenouda III Image: Comparative Theology 1 - book cover, by P صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: غلاف كتاب اللاهوت المقارن 1 (إنجليزي) - البابا شنوده الثالث Image: Comparative Theology 1 - book cover, by P

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: غلاف كتاب اللاهوت المقارن 1 (إنجليزي) - البابا شنوده الثالث

Arabic translation: اللاهوت المقارن.


1 (1) Introduction:


2 One Faith and Sound Doctrine
3 (2) Baptism:

The disagreements between us Orthodox and the Protestants regarding Baptism

4 The Efficacious of Baptism
5 Baptism is the Task of the Clergymen
6 The Necessity of Baptism Ever Since the Establishment of the Church
7 Baptism by Immersion
8 Paedobaptism (Infant Baptism)
9 If baptism is renewal of life, why do we sin after being baptised?
10 Does baptism still carry its efficacious if the clergyman who administers it is a malefactor?
11 How was the Penitent Thief saved without baptism?
12 Baptism and the verse: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved
13 If baptism is so important. were the prophets of the Old Testament baptized?
14 Is salvation through the word and not through water?
15 What is the position of water in salvation and the second birth?
16 The importance of water and its symbols in the Holy Bible
17 Water and Blood
18 Does water have all these efficacious?
19 Would it not be better if we say that baptism is rising with Christ and not dying with Him because death is harmful and not beneficial whereas rising is beneficial?
20 Why is there death in baptism? And what is its importance?
21 Why should a person whose parents were baptised and saved from Adam's sin, be baptised as well?
22 (3) Tradition:

Seniority of Tradition

23 The Holy Bible does not mention everything

Tradition is taken from the teachings of the Apostles

25 Benefits of Tradition
26 Valid and invalid Tradition
27 Church Authority in Teaching and Legislation
28 Conditions of sound Tradition
29 The Apostles commanded that Tradition be preserved
30 Protestants have their own Tradition
31 (4) Intercession:

Difference between the Mediation of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Intercessions of the Saints

32 Examples of Intercession
33 Do angels and saints know our condition on earth?
34 The saints' favour with the Lord
35 The spirituality of asking the prayers of the saints
36 (5) Veneration of St. Mary, and Her Perpetual Virginity:

The Veneration of St. Mary the Virgin

37 Venerating the Virgin Mary
38 Titles of Virgin Mary
39 The Virgins Feasts
40 The Virgin Is the True Vine
41 The Virgin Is the Gate of Life and the Gate of Salvation
42 Is It Correct to Pray to the Virgin?
43 The Perpetual Virginity of the Virgin Mary
44 The phrase her firstborn Son
45 The phrase your wife
46 The sentence before they came together, she was found with child
47 The sentence did not know her till she had brought forth her firstborn Son
48 The phrase His brothers
49 (6) Fasting:

The disagreements between us Orthodox and the Protestants regarding Fasting

50 Reply to the objection concerning fasting in secret
51 Reply to the objection: Is communal fasting a Biblical doctrine or not?
52 Reply to the objection of fasting in set times
53 Reply to the phrase "...let no one judge you"
54 Reply to the subject of vegetarian food
55 Reply to the objection concerning abstaining from certain foods
56 Church authority in organizing worship
57 (7) The Spiritual Gifts and the Gift of Tongues:

The Spiritual Gifts and the Gift of Tongues

58 The Pentecostal Movement and the Gift of Speaking in Tongues
59 Speaking in tongues
60 (8) Repentance:

Repentance is a sacrament

61 Repentance and confession
62 Repentance and the Church
63 Repentance and salvation
64 Repentance and the work of Grace
65 Repentance and experiences
66 Repentance, joy and contrition
67 Repentance and newness of life
68 Repentance precedes all other sacraments
69 Repentance, conduct and deeds
70 (9) Ritual Disagreements:

Veneration of the Cross

71 Facing the East
72 The Sanctuary and the Altar
73 Incense
74 Lights and Candles
75 Pictures and Icons

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