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Short Stories for the Youth (1-15), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty



Edited by: Irene S. Abd-El-Messih



Once again, I have had the blessing and the pleasure of reading one of Fr. Tadros Malatys wonderful contributions to the spiritual life of the Coptic Church. While the books are no real substitution for meeting our beloved Fr. Tadros in person, I was glad to have another taste of the love, wisdom and experience that emanates from this loving father. The results of years spent with the beloved Father Pishoy Kamel are clearly evident in his work.

I am glad that this book was translated from Arabic into English. But I am even happier that I was given the opportunity to edit the English translation before it went to press. I hope this trend of editing continues. This editing step is absolutely necessary for the books translated from Arabic for publication and distribution in our Coptic churches in the lands of immigration.

A few years back, John Watson of Oxford University did a review of Abouna[1] Tadros book Councils and Conciliatory for The Coptic Church Review. The Coptic Church Review is the premier scholarly journal put out for the educational and spiritual benefit of English speaking Copts around the world. It is no surprise, then, that Fr. Tadros is on the publications editorial board.

Watson gave a favorable review of the books content, but he also had this to say: My appeals for careful English-language editing of Fr. Malatys books have fallen on deaf ears. This is a sad mistake. There are no less than 63 elementary errors of spelling or syntax in the volume under review. Fr. Tadros deserves better. It is a fundamental law of translation that the translator translates into his first language. An English-Language editor, at the very least, is needed for Fr. Malaty. I am sure the Arabic is excellent. The practice of using Arabic speakers for English translations should be abandoned. It is inexcusable. It is no service to the Church. The same problem arises in many poor translations of books by Pope Shenouda.

Once again, a booklet by Fr. Tadros has no index. I continue to hope for better days! John Watson

I am a member of the Second Generation of Copts in the lands of immigration. I cannot possibly agree more with John Watsons sentiments. Our Church in U.S.A and other lands of immigration is in serious need for books written by their fathers to be translated and edited properly. Unfortunately, many of the people translating the books dont have English as a first language; for this reason, many translations have grammar, syntax (sentence structure), and spelling mistakes.

I fear that many youth that may have benefited from their extensive vocabulary were inhibited because they were unable to follow the translations.

I urge any English speaking youth who shares my sentiments to respectfully speak up and express him/herself through whatever media in their Church community. We urgently need people who speak English as a first language to volunteer their time and effort to serve the Church as translators. Even if they dont read or write Arabic, they can serve as editors of writings that have already been translated. Finally, I hope that my request is not ignored or swept under the carpet.

 Again, I thank God for the blessings he gives us through the pen of Fr. Tadros and pray that God will keep him with us for many years so that we may benefit from his words and enjoy his contemporary contributions to the spiritual and intellectual heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

A Youth of the Coptic Church

Virgin Mary & St. Pachomius

Coptic Orthodox Church Divider

1 Story: Keep One Picture, Drop the Other  
2 Story: Give me A Piece of Smoked Fish  
3 Story: Transparent Glass  
4 Story: Your Father is Sick, Come after the Exam  
5 Story: They Are All Impure, They are All Pure  
6 Story: A Friend for Eternity  
7 Story: He Alone Remained with me  
8 Story: I Carried His Cross with Him  
9 Story: I Am Upset with God  
10 Story: Atomic Bomb  
11 Story: A Friend from Heaven  
12 Story: A Rich Man in Paradise  
13 Story: A Kid with A Strong Personality  
14 Story: A Metropolitan on my Shoulder  
15 Story: Worried About Myself                     Divider فاصل - موقع الأنبا تكلاهيمانوت

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