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Daily Coptic Synaxarium (Coptic Orthodox Calendar)

8) Bermouda Month
(First Egyptian Month -8- Paremoude)

Paremoude also known as Barmouda is the eighth month of the Coptic calendar. It lies between April 9 and May 8 of the Gregorian calendar. The month of Paremoude is also the fourth month of the Season of 'Proyet' (Growth) in Ancient Egypt, where the Nile floods recede and the crops start to grow throughout the land of Egypt. The name of the month of Paremoude comes from Renno, the Ancient Egyptian God of severe wind and death.                     Divider

Commemorations and Anniversaries of the Coptic Month of Permoda
Date Feast / Commemoration
Baramoudah 1 Departure of St.Silvanus the Monk
Raid of the Arabs of Upper Egypt on the Wilderness of Scetis
Departure of Aaron the Priest
Baramoudah 2 Martyrdom of St.Christopher
Departure of Pope Yoannis the Ninth, the Eighty-First Patriarch
Baramoudah 3 Departure of St.John, Bishop of Jerusalem
Departure of the Holy Father Anba Michael, the Seventy-First Pope of the See of St.Mark
Baramoudah 4 Martyrdom of the Saints Victor, Decius, Eirene the Virgin, and those with them men, women, and virgins
Baramoudah 5 Commemoration of the Great Prophet Ezekiel, the son of Buzi
Martyrdom of St.Hepatius, Bishop of Gangra
Baramoudah 6 Commemoration of the Appearance of the Lord to Thomas the Apostle after His Resurrection
Departure of St.Mary of Egypt
Baramoudah 7 Departure of the Righteous Joachim, the Lord Christ Grandfather
Departure of St.Macrobius
Departure of Saints Agapius, Theodora, and Metruf
Baramoudah 8 Martyrdom of the Holy Virgins : Agape, Eirene, and Shiona
Martyrdom of the One Hundred and Fifty believers by the hand of the King of Persia
Baramoudah 9 Departure of St.Zosimus (Zocima)
Commemoration of the Wonder that took place with Pope Sinuthius (Shenouda I) the Fifty-Fifth Patriarch
Baramoudah 10 Departure of Anba Isaac, the Disciple of Anba Apollo
Departure of Pope Gabriel II, the Seventy Pope of Alexandria, who was known as Ibn Turaik
Baramoudah 11 Departure of St.Theodora
Departure of St.John, Bishop of Gaza
Baramoudah 12 Departure of St.Alexander, Bishop of Jerusalem
Commemoration of St.Antonios, Bishop of Tamoui
Baramoudah 13 Martyrdom of the Saints Joshua and Joseph
Commemoration of Dionisa (Denisa) the Deaconess and Medius the Martyr
Departure of Pope Yoannis the Seventeenth, the 105th Patriarch of Alexandria
Baramoudah 14 Departure of the Holy Father Anba Maximus, the Fifteenth Pope of Alexandria
Baramoudah 15 Commemoration of the Consecration of the first altar for St.Nicholas, Bishop of Mora for Jacobite Christians
Commemoration of the Consecration of the Church of St.Agabus, the Apostle
Departure of St.Alexandra, the Empress
Departure of Pope Mark, (Marcus) VI, the 101st Patriarch
Baramoudah 16 Martyrdom of St.Antipas, Bishop of Pergamos
Baramoudah 17 Martyrdom of St.James the Apostle, the Brother of St.John the Apostle
Baramoudah 18 Martyrdom of St.Arsenius, Slave of St.Sousnyous
Baramoudah 19 Martyrdom of St.Simeon the Armenian, Bishop of Persia and 150 with him
Martyrdom of the blessed Youhanna (John) Abu Nagaah El-Kabeer
Martyrdom of the Vizier Abu Elaala Fahd Ibn Ibrahim and his companions
Martyrdom of Daoud (David), the Monk
Baramoudah 20 Martyrdom of St.Babnuda (Paphnute)
Baramoudah 21 Commemoration of the Lady the Theotokos 
Departure of St.Hierotheos, of Athens
Baramoudah 22 Departure of St.Isaac (Ishaq), of Hourin
Departure of St.Alexander I, 19th Pope of the See of St.Mark
Departure of St.Mark II, 49th Pope of the See of St.Mark
Departure of St.Michael II, 53rd Pope of the See of St.Mark
Baramoudah 23 Martyrdom of St.George, Prince of Martyrs
Baramoudah 24 Departure of Pope Sinuthius (Shenouda I), 55th Pope of Alexandria
Martyrdom of St.Sina, the Soldier
Baramoudah 25 Martyrdom of St.Sarah, and her two sons
Commemoration of Saints Babnuda (Paphnute) the hermit, Theodore the worshipper, and the  100 Martyrs
Baramoudah 26 Martyrdom of St.Sousenyos
Departure of Pope Youannis VII, 78th Patriarch
Baramoudah 27 Martyrdom of St.Boctor Ebn Romanus
Baramoudah 28 Martyrdom of St.Millius, the Ascetic
Baramoudah 29 Departure of St.Erastus, the Apostle
Departure of St.Acacius, Bishop of Jerusalem
Baramoudah 30 Martyrdom of the Great Saint Mark, the Apostle, the Evangelist of the Land of Egypt

Index of Coptic Months:
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