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Daily Coptic Synaxarium (Coptic Orthodox Calendar)

Toot Month
(First Egyptian Month -1- Thout)

Thout, also known as Tout, is the first month of the Coptic calendar. It lies between 11 September and October 10 of the Gregorian calendar. The month of Thout is also the first month of the Season of 'Akhet' (Inundation) in Ancient Egypt, when the Nile floods cover the land of Egypt. The name of the month of Thout comes from Thoth, the Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom.                     Divider

Commemorations and Anniversaries of the Coptic Month of Tute
Date Feast / Commemoration
Tute 1 Feast of El-Nayrouz (Beginning of the Blessed Coptic Year) 
Departure of St.Bartholomew, the Apostle
Departure of St.Melyos, Pope of Alexandria, the Third
Job and His Washing
Tute 2 Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist
Martyrdom of St. Daysa the Soldier
Tute 3 Council of Bishops took place in Alexandria
Great Earthquake in Cairo and Most of the Egyptian Cities
Tute 4 Departure of St. Macarius the Sixty-Ninth Pope of Alexandria 
Tute 5 Martyrdom of St. Sophia
Tute 6 Departure of Isaiah the Prophet
Martyrdom of St. Baslantya
Tute 7 Departure of St.Dioscorus the Twenty-Fifth Pope of Alexandria
Martyrdom of Saints Agathon, Peter, John, Ammon and Ammona and their Mother, Rebecca
Departure of St.Severianus, Bishop of Gabla
Tute 8 Martyrdom of Zacharias the Prophet
Departure of Moses the Prophet
Martyrdom of St.Dimides
Tute 9 Martyrdom of St.Pisoura the Bishop
Tute 10 Martyrdom of St.Matrounah
Commemoration of St.Passin and Her Children
Tute 11 Martyrdom of St.Wasilides
Tute 12 Assembly of the Third General Council at Ephesus for Trying Nestor, Archbishop of Constantinople
Transfer of Relics of St.Aklimos and His Companions
Tute 13 Departure of Pope Mattheos the Second, Patriarch of the See of St.Mark
Commemoration of the Miracle made by St.Basilius, Bishop of Caesarea of Cappadocia
Tute 14 Departure of St.Agatho the Stylite
Tute 15 Transfer of the Body of St.Stephen the Archdeacon
Tute 16 Commemoration of the Consecration of the Sanctuaries of the Resurrection
Transfer of the Relics of St.Chrysostom (of the Golden Mouth)
Tute 17 Feast Day of the Appearance of the Honorable Cross
Departure of St.Theognosta
Tute 18 Martyrdom of St.Bropharius
Commemoration of Stephen the Priest and Niceta the Martyr
Tute 19 Commemoration of St.Gregory, Patriarch of the Armenians
Tute 20 Departure of Pope Athanasius the Second, the Twenty-Eighth Patriarch of the See of St.Mark
Martyrdom of St.Malatini the Virgin
Departure of St.Theopesti
Tute 21 Commemoration of St.Mary the Virgin
Martyrdom of St.Cyprianus and St.Justina
Tute 22

Martyrdom of Saints Kobtlas and Aksu, his Sister, and Tatos, his Friend.
Martyrdom of St.Julius El-Akfehas, the Writer of the Biography of Martyrs

Tute 23 Martyrdom of Saints Onanius and Andrews
Commemoration of the Martyrdom of St.Takla
Re-Opening of St.Mary's Church in Haret El-Rum
Tute 24

Departure of St.Gregory the Monk
Martyrdom of St.Quadratus, One of the Seventy Disciples

Tute 25 Departure of Jonah the Great Prophet
Tute 26 The Angels Annunciation of John the Baptist to Zacharias
Tute 27 Martyrdom of St.Eustathius and his Two Sons
Tute 28 Martyrdom of Saints Abadir and Irai, His Sister
Tute 29 Martyrdom of St.Arbsima the Virgin and Her Sisters the Virgins
Tute 30 Commemoration of the Miracle that God performed to St.Athanasius the Apostolic

Index of Coptic Months:
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