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Daily Daily Coptic Synaxarium (Coptic Orthodox Calendar)

13) Nasie Month
(First Egyptian Month -13- Pi Kogi Enavot)

Pi Kogi Enavot also known as El Nasii is the thirteenth and last month of the Coptic calendar. It lies between September 6 and September 10 of the Gregorian calendar. That month is also incorporated in the Season of 'Shemu' (Harvest) in Ancient Egypt, where the Egyptians harvest their crops throughout the land of Egypt. The name Pi Kogi Enavot means the little month.                     Divider

Commemorations and Anniversaries of the Coptic Month of AlNasie
Date Feast / Commemoration
El-Nasi 1 Departure of St.Eutychus
Martyrdom of St.Pishay (Abshai), the Antiochian
El-Nasi 2 Departure of St.Titus, the Apostle
El-Nasi 3 Commemoration of the Angel Raphael, the Archangel
Martyrdom of St.Andrianus
Departure of St.Yoannis XIV, the 96th Pope of Alexandria
El-Nasi 4 Departure of St.Leparius, Bishop of Rome
Departure of St.Poimen, the Hermit
El-Nasi 5 Departure of St.James, Bishop of Misre
Departure of the Righteous Amos, the Prophet
Departure of St.Barsoma, the "Naked"
Departure of St.Yoannis XV, the 99th Pope of Alexandria
El-Nasi 6 A Thanksgiving to God

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