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"Joseph Meeting His Father", Joseph kisses Jacob. Caption: "Joseph has sent for his father to come into Egypt. He rides out to meet him, and as soon as he meets him he gets down from his chariot, and runs to his father and puts his arms around his neck, and kisses him. Jacob, Joseph's father, is very old. He did not ever expect to see Joseph again. He thought Joseph was dead. How glad he is now to see his dear son once more! And Joseph is very kind to his father and to his brothers. He has sent for them all to come out of the land of Canaan, because there was no corn for them in that land. And he has brought them down into the land of Egypt, where there is plenty of food. And Joseph will bring them to the king, and the king will speak kindly to them. He will tell Joseph to give them some of the land of Egypt for their own, where they will have grass for their cattle, and where they can build houses for their wives and their little children to live in." - from "Bible Pictures" book, by W. A. Foster, 1897.

- من كتاب "صور الكتاب المقدس"، و. أ. فوستر، 1897.

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