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"Joseph Makes Himself Known to His Brethren", Joseph Kissing His Brother Benjamin. Caption: "Joseph's brothers have come into Egypt again to buy more corn. They have brought their little brother Benjamin with them, for he was not with them when they came the first time. And now Joseph tells them that he is their brother whom they sold so many years ago. Then they are frightened when they hear this, for they remember how cruel they were to him. and they are afraid he will punish them for what they did to him. You see they are kneeling down and begging him to forgive them. But Joseph tells them they need not be afraid, for he has forgiven them, and he still loves them, he says. He is stooping down and kissing his little brother Benjamin, he is so glad to see him. Then he talks with his brothers and asks them about his father, who is still living in the land of Canaan. And after he has talked with them he treats them very kindly, and has their bags filled with corn; then he sends them back safely to their homes." - from "Bible Pictures" book, by W. A. Foster, 1897.

- من كتاب "صور الكتاب المقدس"، و. أ. فوستر، 1897.

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