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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

374- The Strange Fellow


Eight individuals who were part of a performance group were on the deck of a ship, vigilantly waiting for their fellow companion. The ship started to sail and they were worried about their companion who was a key figure in the play they were about to perform. They had spent so many nights rehearsing and getting ready for the show. They realized then that all their efforts and money spent on costumes were in vain. What will become of their show? It seemed impossible to be on stage, as their missing friend was not only the key figure, but also the most active and vibrant among them. After a while, a member of the group came up with a solution. He had just met somebody on the ship that seemed capable of taking the role of their missing fellow and assured them of his ability. He then asked that man to replace their missing companion. The next evening, all nine of them were on the stage, successfully performing to their great satisfaction and that of the applauding audience. As the curtain went down by the end of the show, those present and the rest of the group were astonished to find out that the masked man performing on behalf of the missing companion was an old man in his seventies. He said to them all, Being young is a state of mind. Image: Mr. Samy Kamel before being ordained as a priest - click here for Fr. Bishoy photos

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: أستاذ سامي كامل قبل الرسامة - اضغط هنا لصور أبونا بيشوي

Youth is within ones inner self.

No one can deprive you of it, even death has no power over it.

That reminds me of the well-known remark frequently stated by our beloved Fr. Pishoy Kamel to the effect that, A Christian never gets old. The Holy Spirit always rejuvenates, revives and works through him.

→ English translation of the story here at الشاب الغريب! Divider

Let Your fiery Holy Spirit dwell within me and fill me.

Non temporal heavenly wisdom over time inspires me.

Always live my youth without cease.

And enrich me with eternal youth.

Despair knows no way to my heart but peace.

Longing and enjoying hope in You at ease.

Age ruined many in youth.

Still many old-aged live their joyful youth.

Grant me O Lord that heartfelt joy in You.

My Life and my Joy is only in You.

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