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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

37- I left a blessing to my daughters!


At midnight while I was with Father Mikhail Ibrahim and Father Pishoy Kamel at Father Marcos Basilioss house on his wifes death, Father Marcos asked Father Mikhail, Do you think that those who departed can feel for us? referring to his wife.

Father Mikhail told us the following story that happened to him:

In village (), a jeweler died leaving seven daughters with their mother. His wife was crying bitterly over him. After few days, while she was alone in her bedroom crying, she found her husband in front of her asking her, Why are you crying?

She answered, How dont I cry when you left me alone with seven girls to look after them and be responsible for their marriage? Image: Father Pishoy Kamel standing.صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: القمص بيشوي كامل واثقًا. Image: Father Pishoy Kamel standing.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: القمص بيشوي كامل واثقًا.

Her husband said to her, Dont be afraid. Open the drawer in the cupboard and youll find a blessing that I left to be spent on their marriages.

He left and she did not believe that what she had seen was true but she opened the drawer and to her surprise, she found a bag. She asked her brother in law to come over and she told him what happened with her saying, This is the bag I found. I didnt open it as according to the Egyptian law youve a share as Ive got no sons. Open the bag and take your share.

The man started crying and said, How can I take from the blessing that my brother left to his daughters? I should contribute in their expenses not take what is for them.

Under the wifes pressure, he opened the bag to find in it some jewelry. They agreed that hed take the jewelry to put it into business and spend from it on the daughters. Truly, all the girls got married with the help of their uncle.

This is a true story that shows us how the departed people feel for us and love us. It also shows the honesty of this widow who abided by the law and did not escape it under any conditions.

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I am not alone

Many times I feel lonely.

I think I am alone,

Nobody feels for me or shares with me my burdens.

I do not know, even if those who departed love me.

Pray for me and care for me.

And me too, I love and will always love.

Never will death be able to take love out of me.

I love others even when I meet the Lord.

I am not alone even if I am in the grave.

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