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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

38- Bless me my Son! Image: Father Mikhail Ibrahim (1899-1975), Coptic priest. صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: القمص ميخائيل إبراهيم (1899-1975)، كاهن قبطي. Image: Father Mikhail Ibrahim (1899-1975), Coptic priest.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: القمص ميخائيل إبراهيم (1899-1975)، كاهن قبطي.

While Father Mikhail Ibrahim was on a visit he suddenly decided to pray so he can leave. Every body was surprised and they said to him, Why are you in a hurry, Father?

My son Ibrahim went home.

And so what? He went back to his home.

He went to Paradise.

They knew that at this moment his son, Dr. Ibrahim, died.

I can remember what Father Mikhail said about Dr. Ibrahim after his death. He once told us the following story:

While I was sitting in the reception at home awaken. I was thinking of a specific problem that nobody knows about its truth except my son Ibrahim.

I looked up and said, Isnt it possible to send me my son Ibrahim to tell me the truth?

And suddenly I found my son Ibrahim in white clothes standing in front of me saying, What do you need father?

I looked at him. I was very happy and I said to him, You wear the white clothes my son and I dont want to dirty it with our worthless worries. I just need you to pray for me and bless me.

Father Mikhail ended the story by saying, He blessed me and left. and may be he covered some of the blessed conversation they had with each other.

In heaven, we are all lovers. The fathers and grandfathers meet with the sons and grandsons without any boundaries in age or relations, for the bond of love is harder. We are all parts in the sole body of the heavenly church.

There a star is better than another in the glory, yet there is no jealousy or envy. As every one sees the glory of others as if it were his own, happy for the salvation of all.

Remember the martyr Arianos, the ruler of Ansana, who killed whole countries of Christians and tortured princes, bishops, priests, monks, women, men and even children. How did they welcome him in paradise when he was martyred and went there? Definitely they were very happy and they considered his glory as theirs. How great is real love!

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