Image: Saint John Chrysostom

"Mysterious Icon of Saints of Our Church (Orthodox)", from Zograf Monastery (Bulgarian), Mount Athos, Greece - 1817?, photo by Vizu

In ship (of salvation) with caption "Holy Orthodox Church" at the top [on sky] sail: Jesus Christ (helmsman with oar), Holy Virgin, Apostles (six are painted, Four Evangelists on the left) and Saints Fathers (also six, three prelates of the church at center). Saints Peter and Paul hold anchor. Holy Spirit is painted on sail as pigeon descending on those in ship. White flag with Crucifix is aft.

On bottom (from Earth and Hell) ship is attempted to stop/harm by (from left to right): false prophet, false patriarch, Antichrist, Antichrist's army mounted on lions, "?????" (dragon who spouts fire), czar tormentors, (?), Luther (fires into Church from rifle), Pope, evil renovationist (patriarch), heretic crowd with devils behind. At the bottom in right - red monster "Hell", from mouth of which Saracen in turban fires into Church.

أيقونة مختلفة لقديسي كنيستنا الأرثوذكسية، من دير زوجراف البلغاري، جبل أثوس، اليونان، 1817؟ - تصوير فيزو

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