Image: Saint John Chrysostom
صورة القديس يوحنا الذهبي الفم

Creed icon (Russia, second half of the 17th century) - Symbol of faith, Wood (board the ark), tempera.

The composition consists of six rows of images that illustrate the twelve members of the "Creed". All of them are accompanied by the relevant texts. On the upper floor of the icon of the Pokrovsky Cathedral large inscription: "PICTURE symbol of faith." The compositions of the upper tier illustrate the first two members of the "Creed". The left circle depicted in the Lord of hosts, surrounded by ten red, green and yellow medallions with angels (the inscription: "I believe in [a] one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, see [th] Capture same vsem and invisible [th] b" ). It centers on a background of the sky-scale sitting on the throne of Christ surrounded by 10 laps of the sun and moon. The caption is located on the upper floor, "And in one Lord Icyca Christ the Son of God, begotten, / ilk o (m) Father before all (x) century." In the right part of the story - the Christ Emmanuel, seated on a throne surrounded by 10 similar circles (The caption above the picture begins and continues under the medallions of hosts, and Emmanuel, "Light of the (t) of light, true God of the (m) true God, born / a was not made, consubstantial O (m) tsu, Im also all things were made). " In the next tier, the left and the right shows the composition of the history of the ancestors: "The Creation of Adam and Eve's creation" and "Expulsion from Paradise." The third and fourth members of the "Creed" are illustrated in the next tier of songs "Annunciation" (the inscription: "Who for us chelovek / [and] our sake / rescue sshe / dshago with nebes and / incarnate / Camping o (m) the Holy Spirit") and "Christmas" (the inscription: "And Mary the Virgin became man"), "The Crucifixion with the robbers' (the inscription:" The Crucifixion ", the text" crucified for us "is not preserved)," Christ Before Pilate "(the inscription:" when Pilate Pontiystem ") and" The Entombment "(inscription:" Strada [in] the ball and buried "). The fourth tier includes images dating back to the fifth, sixth and seventh members of the "Creed". Left "Descent into Hell" (the inscription: "[And] rose again the third day according pisaniih") and "Ascension" (the inscription: "And ascended into the heavens"), in the center of story - "The New Testament Trinity" (the inscription: "And sitteth at the right hand of the Father "). The whole right side of the field to the bottom of the icon assigned to the song "The Last Judgement", accompanied by the inscriptions relating to the seventh and eleventh members of the "Creed". To right field - early seventh member: "And shall gryadushago with glory to judge the living and the dead." Continuation of the seventh and eighth member illustrated in the next tier of the icon. Left - the song "Queen of Repre ..." with the upcoming apostles. The inscription on the left-hand margin: "It is n (a) p (c) tviyu legion end", the inscription over the apostles: "apo (a) or omitted the Lord." In the center tiers - multipartite composition, illustrating the eighth member of the "Symbol". Its center is formed placed one above the other image of the Lord of hosts, and Jesus Christ sitting on a fiery cherubim at the sides - a group of six saints coming to the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove and the type of Our Lady of the Sign. In groups of upcoming shows three of the saint, including Gregory and Ignatius, and the Russian Prince Vladimir, Boris and Gleb (left panel), the prophets, David, Zachary Solomon, unknown, Daniel and Ezekiel (right panel). Inscriptions: on the left the group - "And in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and the Holy istinnago [ilk] / o (m) proceedeth of the Father, Who with the Father / Son together is worshiped and and [c] glorified", above the right group - "spake the prophets." Illustration of the nine members of the "Creed" is placed in the middle of the second upper tier of the images from the history of the ancestors. In the center of the composition is represented standing at the foot of Christ surrounded by saints, above the inscription: "And in one holy catholic [and] the apo (a) Tolsky Church." In the lower tier are illustrations to the tenth, eleventh and twelfth members of the "Creed": "Baptism" (in the left margin inscription: "I confess / one baptism"), "The Baptism of the people" (in the lower field the inscription: "the remission grehov") "Resurrection of the Dead" (part of the song "The Last Judgement", the inscription: "I look for the resurrection of the dead"). The composition in the center tier is the heavenly Jerusalem with 12 gates (the inscription: "And the life of the world"). NV Pivovorova.

أيقونة العقيدة - روسيا (النصف الثاني من القرن السابع عشر) - رمز الأيمان، زخرفة على خشب

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