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Moses Floating on the Water. The little boy is floating on the water. He is in a little basket made of reeds, or rushes. It is woven together very tightly, and covered with pitch to keep out the water. The little baby's mother made the basket and put him in it. Then she laid it carefully among the bushes by the edge of the river (Exodus 2) - from "Bible Pictures" book, by W. A. Foster, 1897.

الطفل موسى يطفو فوق ماء النهر في سفط البردي المطلي بالحمر والزفت، وذلك لمنع دخول الماء داخله (الخروج 2) - من كتاب "صور الكتاب المقدس"، و. أ. فوستر، 1897 م.

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