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Joseph Interprets the Prisoners' Dreams. Caption: "Joseph is in the prison in Egypt. You see how strong the prison is. It is built of stone, with bolts and bars to keep the prisoners from getting out. Two men are in the prison with Joseph. They have chains on their hands and feet. But there are no chains on Joseph. For the keeper of the prison soon found out what a good man he was, so he lets him walk about wherever he chooses. These two men who are with Joseph are servants of the king. One night when they were asleep they both had strange dreams. Joseph is telling them what their dreams mean. One man's dream meant that in three days he should go out of prison and live in the king's house again. You see how glad he looks. But the other man's dream meant that in three days he should be killed; and he looks very sorrowful. Joseph was able to tell the meaning of these dreams, because God made him know what they meant." - from "Bible Pictures" book, by W. A. Foster, 1897.

- من كتاب "صور الكتاب المقدس"، و. أ. فوستر، 1897.

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