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"The Meeting of Jacob and Esau", Jacob Meets His Brother Esau; caption: "Jacob meets his brother Esau. He has not seen Esau since the time when he got Esau's blessing. That was many years ago. Esau was very angry with Jacob then, and Jacob was afraid of him. And he went away from his home and lived with Laban, and took Rachel, Laban's daughter, to be his wife. Jacob has been living with Laban ever since that time. But now he wants to go back to his father's house. And Jacob is on his way back, but before he gets there he sees Esau coming toward him. Some men are with Esau, and Jacob is very much afraid. He is afraid Esau will kill him for taking away his blessing. But Esau has forgiven Jacob, and now he runs to him and puts his arms around his neck and kisses him. And they cry together because they are so glad. And Jacob gave Esau a present of some sheep and goats and camels, for Jacob had a great many of these. Afterward Esau went away to his own home, and Jacob came to his father." - from "Bible Pictures" book, by W. A. Foster, 1897.

لقاء يعقوب مع عيسو - من كتاب "صور الكتاب المقدس"، و. أ. فوستر، 1897.

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