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Coptic Synaxarium (Coptic Orthodox Calendar)

7) Baramhat Month
(First Egyptian Month -7- Paremhat)

Paremhat also known as Baramhat is the seventh month of the Coptic calendar. It lies between March 10 and April 8 of the Gregorian calendar. The month of Paremhat is also the third month of the Season of 'Proyet' (Growth) in Ancient Egypt, where the Nile floods recede and the crops start to grow throughout the land of Egypt. The name of the month of Paremhat comes from Mont, the Ancient Egyptian God of War.                     Divider

Commemorations and Anniversaries of the Coptic Month of Paramhat
Date Feast / Commemoration
Baramhat 1 Departure of St.Narcissus
Martyrdom of St.Alexandrus
Commemoration of Anba Marcura
Baramhat 2 Martyrdom of St.Macrobius (Makrawy) the Bishop
Baramhat 3 Departure of St.Cosmas, the Fifty-Eighth Pope of Alexandria
Martyrdom of St.Porphyry
Departure of St.Hadid the priest
Baramhat 4 Assembly of the Holy Council on the island of Bani-Omar
Martyrdom of St.Haboulyous (Hanulius) the prince.
Baramhat 5 Departure of Anba Serapamon, Archpriest of Abba Yehnis (John) monastery
Commemoration of the Martyrdom of St.Eudexia (Eutychia)
Martyrdom of St.Peter the priest
Baramhat 6 Martyrdom of St.Dioscorus
Departure of St.Theodotus, the Bishop
Baramhat 7 Martyrdom of Saints Philemon and Apollonius
Martyrdom of St.Mary the Israelite
Baramhat 8 Martyrdom of St.Matthias, the apostle
Departure of St.Julian, the Eleventh Pope of Alexandria
Martyrdom of St.Arianus, the Governor of Ansena
Baramhat 9 Departure of St.Konan
Martyrdom of the Saints Abrianus, Amrata his wife, Eusebius, Armanius, and the Forty Martyrs
Baramhat 10 Commemoration of the Appearance of the Glorious Cross
Baramhat 11 Martyrdom of St.Basil (Basilaos) The Bishop
Baramhat 12 Commemoration of the Honorable Archangel Michael 
Commemoration of the revealing virginity of St.Demetrius, the Twelfth Pope of Alexandria
Martyrdom of St.Malachias of Palestine
Martyrdom of St.Glathinos in Damascus
Baramhat 13 Departure of Abba Dionysius, the Fourteenth Pope of Alexandria
Return of the Great Saints Anba Macarius the Great and Anba Macarius of Alexandria from Exile
Martyrdom of the Forty Martyrs of Sebastia
Baramhat 14 Departure of Anba Kyrellos (Cyril) the Seventy Fifth Pope of Alexandria
Martyrdom of St.Shenouda (Sinouti) El Bahnasawy
Martyrdom of the Saints Eugenius, Agathodorus and Elpidius
Baramhat 15 Departure of St.Sarah the nun
Martyrdom of St.Helias of Hnes
Baramhat 16 Departure of the Saint Anba Khail (Mikhail), the Forty-Sixth Pope of the See of St.Mark
Baramhat 17 Departure of Lazarus, the beloved of the Lord
Commemoration of the Saints George the Ascetic, Belasius the Martyr, and Anba Joseph the bishop
Departure of St.Basilius, Bishop of Jerusalem
Martyrdom of St.Sedhom Bishay in Domiat
Baramhat 18 Martyrdom of St.Isidore, Friend of Sina the Soldier
Baramhat 19 Martyrdom of St.Aristobulus, the apostle
Martyrdom of the Saints Alexander, Agabius, Alexander, Timol (Timolaos), 
and Dionysius, Romulus, and Blesius (Valesius)
Baramhat 20 Departure of the Saint Anba Khail (Mikhail) the Fifty Sixth Pope of the See of St.Mark
Raising of Lazarus from the dead
Baramhat 21 Commemoration of the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin St.Mary
Commemoration of the visit of Our Lord Christ to Bethany
Consultation of the Chief Priests to put the righteous Lazarus to death, whom the Lord raised from the dead
Baramhat 22 Departure of St.Kyrellos (Cyril), Bishop of Jerusalem
Departure of St.Michael, Bishop of Naqadah
Baramhat 23 Departure of the Great Prophet Daniel
Baramhat 24 Apparition of the Pure Lady the Virgin in the church of Zeitoun
Departure of Anba Macarius, the Fifty-Ninth Pope of Alexandria
Baramhat 25 Departure of St.Onesiphorous (Friska), One of the Seventy Apostles
Departure of Pope Mattheos, the One Hundredth Pope of Alexandria
Baramhat 26 Departure of St.Euphrasia (Eupraxia), the virgin
Departure of Pope Peter VI, the One Hundred and Fourth Pope of Alexandria
Baramhat 27 Commemoration of the Crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Departure of St.Macarius the Great
Martyrdom of St.Domicos
Baramhat 28 Departure of the righteous Emperor Constantine the Great
Departure of Pope Peter (Petros) VII, the One Hundred and Ninth Patriarch
Commemoration of Anba Sarapamon, known as "The Veiled" Bishop of El-Monofia
Baramhat 29 Commemoration of the Life giving Annunciation
Commemoration of the Resurrection of the Lord Christ from the dead.
Baramhat 30 Commemoration of the Archangel Gabriel the Announcer
Commemoration of the Transfer of the Relics of St.James, known as the Mangled
Commemoration of Samson, One of the Judges of Israel

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