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Coptic Synaxarium (Coptic Orthodox Calendar)

12) Mesra Month
(First Egyptian Month -12- Mesori)

Mesori also known as Mesra is the twelfth month of the Coptic calendar. It lies between August 7 and September 5 of the Gregorian calendar. The month of Mesori is also the fourth month of the Season of 'Shemu' (Harvest) in Ancient Egypt, where the Egyptians harvest their crops throughout the land of Egypt. The name of the month of Mesori comes from Mes-o-ri, an Ancient Egyptian word that mean Birth of Sun.                     Divider

Commemorations and Anniversaries of the Coptic Month of Masra
Date Feast / Commemoration
Misra 1 Martyrdom of St.Apoli, Son of Justus
Departure of St.Kyrillos V (Cyril), the 112th Pope of Alexandria
Misra 2 Departure of St.Pa'esa (Athanasia)
Misra 3 Relocation of the Body of St.Simon (Simeon) the Stylite to the city of Antioch
Departure of Pope Abriamus (Primus), the Fifth Patriarch of Alexandria
Misra 4 Departure of Hezekiah the King
Consecration of the Church of the Great St.Anthony (Antonios)
Misra 5 Departure of St.John the Soldier
Misra 6 Martyrdom of St.Julietta
Misra 7 Annunciation of St.Joachim with the Birth of the Virgin Mary
Departure of St.Timothy II (Timotheos), the 26th Pope of Alexandria
Misra 8 Martyrdom of the Saints Lazarus, Salomi, His Wife and their Children
Confession of St.Peter, the Apostle, that Christ is the Son of the Living God
Misra 9 Martyrdom of St.Ari, the Priest of Shatanouf
Misra 10 Martyrdom of St.Matra
Martyrdom of St.Pigebs (Bekhebs)
Misra 11 Departure of St.Moisis, Bishop of Ouseem
Misra 12 Commemoration of the Honorable Archangel Michael
Reign of the Righteous Emperor Constantine, the Great
Misra 13 Feast of Transfiguration of Our Lord on Mount Tabor
Misra 14 Commemoration of the Great Sign, the Lord had Manifested During the Papacy of St.Theophilus
Misra 15 Commemoration of the Departure of St.Mary know as Marina, the Ascetic
Misra 16 Assumption of the Body of the Pure Virgin St.Mary
Departure of St.Mattias IV (Mattheos), the 102nd Patriarch of Alexandria
Misra 17 Martyrdom of St.James, the Soldier
Misra 18 Departure of St.Alexander, Patriarch of Constantinople
Martyrdom of St.Eudaemon, of Armant (El-Armanti)
Misra 19 Translocation of the Body of St.Macarius to His Monastery in Scetis
Misra 20 Martyrdom of the Seven Young Men of Ephesus
Misra 21 Commemoration of the Virgin, the Mother of God
Departure of St.Irene (Eirene)
Misra 22 Departure of Micah, the Prophet
Martyrdom of St.Hadid
Misra 23 Martyrdom of Thirty-Thousand Christians in Alexandria
Martyrdom of St.Damian in Antioch
Misra 24 Departure of St.Takla Haymanot, the Ethiopian
Departure of St.Thomas, Bishop of Mar'ash (Syria)
Misra 25 Departure of St.Bessarion, the Great
Departure of St.Macarius III, the 114th Pope of Alexandria
Misra 26 Martyrdom of St.Moses (Moisees) and his Sister Sarah
Martyrdom of St.Agabius, the Soldier, and his Sister Thecla
Misra 27 Martyrdom of Saints Benjamin and his Sister Eudexia
Martyrdom of St.Mary, the Armenian
Misra 28 Commemoration of the Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
Misra 29 Martyrdom of Saints Athanasius, the Bishop, Gerasimus (Jarasimus), and Theodotus
Arrival of the Holy Relic of St.John, the Short, to the Wilderness of Scetis
Misra 30 Departure of St.Malachi, the Prophet

Index of Coptic Months:
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