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Coptic Synaxarium (Coptic Orthodox Calendar)

10) Baona Month
(First Egyptian Month -10- Paoni)

Paoni also known as Baona is the tenth month of the Coptic calendar. It lies between June 8 and July 7 of the Gregorian calendar. The month of Paoni is also the second month of the Season of 'Shemu' (Harvest) in Ancient Egypt, where the Egyptians harvest their crops throughout the land of Egypt. The name "Paoni" comes from the original Egyptian designation p3-n-In.t "the (month) of the Valley Festival," a reference to the Beautiful festival of the valley celebrated in Thebes. In the Ethiopian calendar, this month is called Sa"ne.                     Divider

Commemorations and Anniversaries of the Coptic Month of Paona
Date Feast / Commemoration
Baounah 1 Consecration of the Church of St.Leontius of Tripoli
Martyrdom of St.Qozman El-Tahawy and his companions
Consecration of the Church of St.Abe-Fam (Epipham) the soldier
Baounah 2 Commemoration of the Appearance of the Bodies of St.John the Baptist and Elisha the Prophet
Departure of Pope Yoannis the Eighteenth, the 107th Pope of Alexandria
Baounah 3 Construction of the first church of St.George in the cities of Birma and Beer Maa (Water Well) in the Oases
Departure of St.Martha of Egypt
Martyrdom of St.Alladius the Bishop
Departure of Pope Cosmas, the 44th Patriarch
Departure of St.Abraam, bishop of El-Fayyoum
Baounah 4 Martyrdom of St.Shenousi (Sanusi)
Martyrdom of Saint Anba Amoun and the Righteous Sophia
Martyrdom of John of Herakleia
Departure of Saint Aba-Hour
Departure of Pope Yoannis the Eighth, the 80th Patriarch
Baounah 5 Departure of St.James of the East
Martyrdom of Saints Anba Bshay (Ebshoy) and Anba Botros (Peter)
Commemoration of the Consecration of the Church of St.Boctor (Victor) in the region of Sho
Baounah 6 Martyrdom of St.Theodore the Monk
Baounah 7 Martyrdom of St.Abaskhiroun the Soldier
Baounah 8 Commemoration of the Church of the Virgin Lady known as El-Mahammah
Commemoration of St.Tamada and her children, and Armenius and his mother
Martyrdom of George (Girgis) the new martyr
Baounah 9 Departure of Samuel the Prophet
Martyrdom of St.Lucilianus and four others with him
Relocation of the Relics of St.Mercurius to Cairo
Baounah 10 Martyrdom of St.Dabamon
Commemoration of the Closing of the Pagan Temples and Opening of the Churches
Departure of St.Yoannis the 16th, the 103rd Pope of Alexandria
Enthronement of Pope Demitrius the Second, the 111th Patriarch of Alexandria
Baounah 11 Martyrdom of St.Claudius
Commemoration of the Consecration of the Altar of the Forty Martyrs in Alexandria
Baounah 12 Commemoration of Archangel Michael
Departure of St.Justus, the Sixth Pope of the See of St.Mark
Departure of St.Kyrillos the Second, the 67th Pope of Alexandria
Departure of St.Euphemia
Baounah 13 Departure of St.John, Bishop of Jerusalem
Commemoration of the Archangel Gabriel, the Announcer of Daniel the Prophet
Baounah 14 Departure of Pope Yoannis the Nineteenth, the 113th Patriarch of Alexandria
Martyrdom of the Saints Apakir, John, Ptolemy, and Philip
Baounah 15 Turning Over the Relics of the Great St.Mark the Apostle by the hand of Pope Paul the Sixth, Pope of Rome
Consecration of the Church of Mari Mina at Maryut
Baounah 16 Departure of St.Abba Nofer the Anchorite
Baounah 17 Return of the Relics of the Great St.Mark to the New St.Mark Cathedral
Departure of St.Latsoun El-Bahnasawy
Baounah 18 Inauguration of the New St.Mark Cathedral in the Monastery of Anba Rowais
Departure of St.Damianos, the 35th Pope of Alexandria
Baounah 19 First Pontifical Liturgy is the New St.Mark Cathedral in the Monastery of Anba Rowais
Departure of Pope Archelaus, the Eighteenth Pope of Alexandria
Martyrdom of St.George (Girgis) known as El-Mezahem
Martyrdom of St.Bishai Anoub
Baounah 20 Departure of Elisha the Prophet
Baounah 21 Commemoration of the First Church for The Virgin Mary in the City of Philippi
Martyrdom of St.Timothy of Memphis (El-Masry)
Departure of St.Cedron (Kardonos), the Fourth Patriarch of Alexandria
Baounah 22 Consecration of the Church of Saints Cosmas, Damian, Their Mother, and Brothers
Baounah 23 Departure of St.Abba Noub the Confessor
Baounah 24 Martyrdom of the Great Saint Anba Moses the Black
Baounah 25 Martyrdom of St.Jude, one of the Seventy Disciples
Departure of St.Peter the Fourth, the 34th Pope of Alexandria
Baounah 26 Departure of the Great Prophet Joshua Son of Nun
Consecration of the Church of Archangel Gabriel
Baounah 27 Martyrdom of St.Ananias, the Apostle
Martyrdom of St.Thomas of Shentalet
Baounah 28 Departure of St.Theodosius, the 33rd Pope of Alexandria
Commemoration of the Consecration of the Church of Anba Sarabamoun, Bishop of Nikios
Baounah 29 Martyrdom of the Seven Ascetic Saints in Tounar Mount
Martyrdom of Saints Abba Hour and his Mother Theodora
Baounah 30 Nativity of St.John, the Baptist

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