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Ten Concepts, book by H. H. Pope Shenouda III

8- The power of the personality Image: Orthodox Coptic Faith defender - Pope Athanasius of Alexandria صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: حامي الإيمان القبطي الأرثوذكسي - البابا أثناسيوس الإسكندري Image: Orthodox Coptic Faith defender - Pope Athanasius of Alexandria

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: حامي الإيمان القبطي الأرثوذكسي - البابا أثناسيوس الإسكندري

A powerful personality is distinguished by strong mentality and thought.

When an person who has intelligence, understanding, discernment, eloquence, persuasiveness and good memory, deals with a particular matter, he supports his point of view clearly and in a way which is capable of attracting and convincing others.

He does not follow any rumor or belief, but thinks and examines the matter and holds fast to what is best, as we have discussed this issue before here on in other sections. With his intelligence and understanding, he succeeds in any responsibility entrusted to him. Such a person stands strong in the face of any problem. He does not allow a problem to defeat him, but he solves it or bears with it until it is solved. A person who breaks down before any problem is not powerful.

A powerful personality does not obey any wrong counsel. A person with a powerful personality influences others and is not influenced by them except by the counsel of the spiritual. A powerful personality does not mean that a

person be stubborn and opinionated. But rather, he is powerful in good deeds and simple in dealing with others.

Some people have strong influence over others. Those who are fit for ministry and leadership are unlike those who have poor minds, even though they may be physically strong or holding great positions, they cannot lead others who might be more intelligent and more opinionated. It may happen that someone faces a problem and refuses any advice and is not convinced by any words until a certain person speaks to him and influences him, so he accepts his advice. The words of such a person are powerful, effective and influential. They do not return void.

Such influential power is useful for spiritual guidance, for the ministry of preaching and for attracting others.

Such power is useful also with respect to friendship and social work. It is useful for those who hold management and leadership positions. It is good for a writer or journalist as such power would have its attractiveness and effectiveness.

Some persons are powerful in ministry and preaching.

They have the power of speech, influencing others and the ability to attract people to God. Their word does not return empty (Is. 55:11), but is fruitful. Such as St. Paul the Apostle, St. Mark, and St. Athanasius the Apostolic who confronted the Arians and spread the orthodox faith. Every spiritual priest has spiritual influence which is deep, like every preacher or successful minister.

Meekness does not contradict power. The Lord Christ was powerful and meek at the same time. He never quarreled or cried out (Matt. 12:19), but at the same time He was persuasive and had a strong personality that convinced His adversaries in every discourse.

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