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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

406- A Child Challenging the Public


Paul was putting on his cap in an unusual manner. When Paul met Mark, Mark asked, "Why are you wearing your cap in this manner?

Why not? Every one is doing it.

I understand that the peak is supposed to be in front to protect the eyes from the sun why do you have it backward?

I dont know, but Ive to be like everyone else otherwise Ill be considered odd.

But you should use your brain and not follow others blindly. Do you know the story of the new cloth of the Emperor?

No, tell me about it. Image: A young boy talking and arguing صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: صورة طفل صغير يتكلم ويتناقش ويتجادل Image: A young boy talking and arguing.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: صورة طفل صغير يتكلم ويتناقش ويتجادل.

In the past, there was an Emperor who was fond of clothes, and he had a whole wing for clothes in his palace. He used to leave his throne and put on a suit every hour; he didnt care about his peoples' needs, or about the economy. The country's economy declined. Many of the rich people came from different parts of the globe to see the latest fashion of the king's clothes.

Two brothers who owned a weaving machine requested to see the king to offer him a unique robe. The king was glad and asked what kind of robe they had in mind. One of the two brothers said, Your majesty, were going to make a fine robe of beautiful colors for you. The material is thin and so strong. It requires special big scissors. Moreover, this suit can not be seen by any one who is stupid or incompetent.

How is that?

Youll see your majesty.

When can I get it?

It will take a lot of effort, several weeks to prepare, in addition to the high cost of its making.

Can you tell me when can I receive it?

That will be difficult, but we promise that it will be ready in a few weeks.

The king was glad and gave them gold so they can start preparing the robe.

Three weeks went by and the king wished to see the robe but was shy to show his feelings so he sent his Prime Minister. The Prime Minister went to see the robe. The two brothers took him to the room of the loom, and they were working hard. One of the two brothers asked him, Can you see the beautiful robe?

The Prime Minister paused for a moment, since he did not see except an empty loom. He was afraid to be called stupid and lose his job; he started to say how pretty the robe was. The Prime Minister returned to the king and informed him about the beautiful robe. The king was pleased, since his Prime Minister was trustworthy, and could see the robe.

The king wanted to know more about the beautiful robe so he sent his Speaker of the Parliament to report about the progress in the preparation of the robe. The Speaker met with the two brothers and told them how much the Prime Minister appreciated the beautiful robe. The Speaker entered the room to see an empty loom. He was afraid to say that he saw nothing, for the king would kick him out. Instead he raved about the beautiful robe.

The king was so pleased that he went himself to inquire about the robe. The king saw an empty machine. He was terrified as he realized that he had fooled himself and others, and he was not worthy to be king. He pretended that he saw the most beautiful robe ever made. The two brothers acted as if they were cutting the material with big scissors and that they were sewing the invisible robe and the king was admiring their wonderful work.

The day of Coronation came, and the two brothers came to put on the robe on his majesty. The king took off his suit to put on the imaginary robe. Every person was admiring the beautiful robe. They were worried that if they said they could not see the robe they would be called stupid.

A little boy asked his father to lift him up so he could see how beautiful the robe was. The little boy said, What happened to the king? He is in his underwear.

The father tried to muffle his sons mouth but the boy shouted louder, Put some clothes on our king!

Then the crowd realized that there was something unusual and so the little boy was able to be brave enough to tell the truth.

→ English translation of the story here at طفل يتحدى الجماهير. Divider

Let Your fiery Holy Spirit enlighten my eyes,

So I can see the truth and witness for it.

May no one drag me to lie.

Do not let me be like a dead fish carried by the waves.

May I abide in You so that I would abide in the truth.

May I please You, not the world.

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