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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

407- Youre Going Home


A family led a difficult life because of the harshness of Hitler. Members of the family used to hear stories about life in America; every member used to tell the others what he heard about America. These stories gave temporary comfort to the family at that time.         Image: Saint Cyprian and the demon, 14th century manuscript of the Golden Legend. - St- Justina صورة: القديس كيبريانوس والشيطان، و القديس يوستينا - القرن 14 Image: Saint Cyprian and the demon, 14th century manuscript of the Golden Legend. - St- Justina.

صورة: القديس كيبريانوس والشيطان، و القديسة يوستينا - القرن 14.

One day while the son was getting ready to immigrate to America; his mother said to him, I feel the pain of being separated from you but youre always in my heart. Your image will never depart from my mind till we meet again. The mother continued, Ive never seen America, but I feel that I love it for what I heard about it from those who live there, and for what Ive read about it. Son! Youre going home while Im a stranger here in my own Land!

That was how the mother who lived in her own country gave farewell to her son who was immigrating to America.

In the same manner, with a great difference, the believer, though living in this world, feels that he/she is a stranger as a result of the mistreatment of his boss. He finds comfort with his pious family talking about the everlasting life with its glory. Everyone feels being a stranger in the land in which he was born.

This might be a reason why God allowed Satan to be the chief of this world, so because of his wickedness the heart of the believers will be drawn to eternity. They live here as strangers waiting for a better place.

→ English translation of the story here at أنت ذاهب إلى بيتك! Divider

+ Thank You Lord for creating this beautiful world for me.

You do not let me lack anything.

But because I was attracted to the world not to its Creator,

I became enslaved to the world and to the Enemy of good.

He humiliates me with his violence and oppression.

+ Thank You because You used injustice for my salvation.

I realize that I am a stranger in a land ruled by a tyrant.

I long for leaving it to abide in You.

Your Divine Bosom is my eternal land.

When am I going to settle there?