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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

111- I Havent Read the Bible For a Long Time


In the sixties, when the church of St. George in Sporting, Alexandria registered and before it was being built, I went to visit a youth who went astray. I knocked on the door. A lady opened and asked, "Whom do you want?"


"He wont return before midnight."

I felt that she spoke in a sharp voice, though I was asking about her son. I had a feeling that this might be the last time in which I see this lady, why do not I speak to her about her salvation and her eternity? I was then a shy person yet I asked her if I might speak to her. She agreed but without enthusiasm. Image: Arabic Bible صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: الكتاب المقدس العربي Image: Arabic Bible.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: الكتاب المقدس العربي.

As I entered the guestroom, she started to watch the TV (which very few homes could buy then in Egypt). She also started to smoke as if there was no guest in the room. I waited for a while then asked her if it is possible to lower the voice of the TV so that we could read the Holy Bible.

I was astonished from her quick response. She put off the cigarette, put off the TV, sat quietly and said, "I havent read the Holy Bible for many years. Im eager to hear the voice of the Bible."

I started to read a chapter from the Bible and she kept asking eagerly and with great care about what I read. Before I left she asked me, "Which church do you attend?"

"Its very near to you, near the tramway, between Ibrahimia and the small Sporting."

"I didnt know that there was a church there."

"We pray in a temporary building, like a garage, until we get the building permit."

"Is there a Bible Study meeting?"

"Every Saturday evening."

The life of this lady changed completely as she practised the life of true repentance and she started to live by the living word of God. I learned a lot from this encounter: so often we judge a person from the outside appearance because we do not see the readiness of his heart. Many people who do not live the holy life are waiting for a small invitation, "May we read the Holy Bible?"

Many people, who appear to live outside the church, become greater than those whom we think live inside it.

God will condemn us because we neglect to invite our brethren to enjoy the sweetness of the spiritual life and the true friendship with the Saviour of the soul, her Groom and Physician.

→ English translation of the story here at لم أقرأ الإنجيل منذ زمان طويل! Divider

Lord, grant me the desire to save every soul.

Convert my desire to prayer and work.

Many souls are waiting for a word of love from me.

Grant me that I search for these souls and invite them to live with You.

Instead of condemning my brethren, grant that I serve them.

Give me courage with faith to present Your Gospel to my brethren.

Let every breath in me work to support my brethren,

For the glory of Your Name, You, who are amazing in Your love.

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