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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

110- Isolation


In 1953, after the Egyptian revolution, a teacher of Arabic was transferred to the city of Esna, in Upper Egypt, as a kind of punishment. He was greatly distressed, as he had never visited Upper Egypt. Sarcastically, he wrote to one of his friends in Cairo and described the state of the city of Esna at that time. He said,

"Here we live isolated. We don’t know the current news of the country. Some people are loyal to King Fouad, former ruler of Egypt, thinking that he’s still in power, not knowing that he’s died and his son King Farouk replaced him and that the revolution erupted to abolish the royal system in Egypt." Image: King Farouk of Egypt (1948). صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: الملك فاروق ملك مصر - 1948. Image: King Farouk of Egypt (1948).

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: الملك فاروق ملك مصر - 1948.

I was in the last year of High School at that time when I heard what this funny teacher wrote to his friends in Cairo. What this teacher said describes what actually happens in some countries.

It was said that at the end of the Eighteenth Century, many of the conquerors left the state of Virginia in the USA and went up the hills trying to cross to the plains for fear of the American Indians. But as many horses had died and many carriages were damaged, they were forced to stay on the hills. There they lived for 20 years during which they did not see the face of any man at all until some travellers crossed the hills.

They were very happy to meet those travellers, especially that they now could hear the news of the outside world and speak with them about different matters.

The travellers asked those who were living on the hills about the Congress of the U.S.A. and about the Republican Party. Those who were living on the hills never heard that there was a Congress nor of a Republican Party. They never heard about the President of the U.S.A. George Washington or about the Civil war. The travellers started to describe to them bit by bit what had happened in the previous 20 years. By such information they were able to become American Citizens.

That was what happened with some of the Jews who returned to Jerusalem from some of isolated areas and met with John the Baptist, heard him and responded to his message. They confessed their sins and were baptised in the River Jordan then they returned to their isolated quarters.

The Lord Jesus started His service, continued until he was crucified, rose from the dead, ascended to heaven and poured His Holy Spirit over His Disciples and followers. But those who lived in isolation never heard any of this news at all.

When St. Paul the Apostle met them and told them about the Holy Spirit, they said, "We never heard that there was a Holy Spirit". The Apostle explained every thing to them and they joined the membership of the church and the new life as members in the body of Christ.

→ English translation of the story here at العزلة. Divider

I thank you my Saviour for You did not leave me in isolation.

You came down to share with ne my life,

And presented Your Holy Spirit to me.

I am no more isolated from You or from the heavenly hosts.

You taught me that love is the language of heaven,

And You uncovered Your mysteries to me,

So that I may be a member in Your body for which You are the head. Divider

In order to receive this happy life, He Himself is the desired life, teach us to pray

St. Augustine.

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