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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

112- In the Service of the Public


It was said that in one of the American cities, a pastor of a church did not find a place to park his car, so he left it in a place where a policeman may give him a parking ticket. He wrote a message to the policeman and left it under the windshield wiper. In this message he wrote,

"Dear policeman:         Image: The Lord's Prayer in Coptic and Arabic languages, by Kami Nassief صورة: الصلاة الربانية: أبانا الذي في السماوات باللغة العربية و اللغة القبطية، فن كامي نصيف Image: The Lord's Prayer in Coptic and Arabic languages, by Kami Nassief

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: الصلاة الربانية: أبانا الذي في السماوات باللغة العربية و اللغة القبطية، فن كامي نصيف

I am a pastor of a church and I toured the block many times but could not find an empty parking spot in which to park my car.

I have a very important meeting to attend soon, "Forgive us our trespasses."”

After a while, a policeman arrived and read the message of the pastor of the church. He was struggling with himself, should he accept the excuse of the pastor or not? He, as a policeman, should respect the law and issue a parking ticket for this car.

He issued a parking ticket for the pastor and wrote him a message which he left under the wind shield wiper. He wrote,

"Dear Pastor:

I read your message and I am in the service of the public.

I did not want to issue you a parking ticket, but I am afraid I might lose my job, "lead us not into temptation."”

The pastor quoted a verse from the Lord’s Prayer which may support his excuse to the policeman. Likewise the policeman quoted another verse from the same prayer to issue a parking ticket to the pastor.

Yesterday I read this story, written briefly by Green, which moved me deeply. The pastor was in difficulty and he asked the policeman to share his feelings. But the policeman was afraid to lose his job and was compelled not to accept the pastor's excuse.

We also, every morning, noon and evening, cry to God asking Him to accept our endless excuses. In turn, He with His amazing love listens to us and wants to forgive our sins and remember them no more.

Who can accept me with my daily weaknesses, except He Who has opened His heart, which is full of love and gentleness?

→ English translation of the story here at في خدمة الشعب. Divider

My friends, my relatives and those who love me, listen to my words.

They notice the features of my face and all my movements.

They try to share my joys and my sorrows.

But, it is only You Who listen to the inaudible heartbeat,

And realise the language of my feelings and my emotions.

You share my innermost not only by the words,

But You come to it, dwell into it and fill its void.

As I begin to pray, Your Divine command:

“Your sins are forgiven.”

You are amazing in Your love and patience.

You forgive my sins as long as my heart speaks the truth.

And You remember my trespasses no more as long as I repent.

Who loves me like You do!

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