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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Apocrypha of the New Testament.: Chapter 39

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Chapter 39.

Again the Jews asked Mary and Joseph a third time to coax Him to go to another master to learn.  And Joseph and Mary, fearing the people, and the overbearing of the p. 382 princes, and the threats of the priests, led Him again to school, knowing that He could learn nothing from man, because He had perfect knowledge from God only.  And when Jesus had entered the school, led by the Holy Spirit, He took the book out of the hand of the master who was teaching the law, and in the sight and hearing of all the people began to read, not indeed what was written in their book; but He spoke in the Spirit of the living God, as if a stream of water were gushing forth from a living fountain, and the fountain remained always full.  And with such power He taught the people the great things of the living God, that the master himself fell to the ground and adored Him.  And the heart of the people who sat and heard Him saying such things was turned into astonishment.  And when Joseph heard of this, he came running to Jesus, fearing that the master himself was dead.  And when the master saw him, he said to him:  Thou hast given me not a scholar, but a master; and who can withstand his words?  Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by the Psalmist:  The river of God is full of water:  Thou hast prepared them corn, for so is the provision for it. 1686



Ps. lxv. 9.

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