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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Apocrypha of the New Testament.: Chapter 38

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Chapter 38.

And it came to pass a second time, that Joseph and Mary were asked by the people that Jesus should be taught His letters in school.  They did not refuse to do so; and according to the commandment of the elders, they took Him to a master to be instructed in human learning.  Then the master began to teach Him in an imperious tone, saying:  Say Alpha. 1685   And Jesus said to him:  Do thou tell me first what Betha is, and I will tell thee what Alpha is.  And upon this the master got angry and struck Jesus; and no sooner had he struck Him, than he fell down dead.

And Jesus went home again to His mother.  And Joseph, being afraid, called Mary to him, and said to her:  Know of a surety that my soul is sorrowful even unto death on account of this child.  For it is very likely that at some time or other some one will strike him in malice, and he will die.  But Mary answered and said:  O man of God! do not believe that this is possible.  You may believe to a certainty that He who has sent him to be born among men will Himself guard him from all mischief, and will in His own name preserve him from evil.



Note that the letters are Greek here.

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