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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Apocrypha of the New Testament.: Chapter 40

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Chapter 40.

After these things Joseph departed thence with Mary and Jesus to go into Capernaum by the sea-shore, on account of the malice of his adversaries.  And when Jesus was living in Capernaum, there was in the city a man named Joseph, exceedingly rich.  But he had wasted away under his infirmity, and died, and was lying dead in his couch.  And when Jesus heard them in the city mourning, and weeping, and lamenting over the dead man, He said to Joseph:  Why dost thou not afford the benefit of thy favour to this man, seeing that he is called by thy name?  And Joseph answered him:  How have I any power or ability to afford him a benefit?  And Jesus said to him:  Take the handkerchief which is upon thy head, and go and put it on the face of the dead man, and say to him:  Christ heal thee; and immediately the dead man will be healed, and will rise from his couch.  And when Joseph heard this, he went away at the command of Jesus, and ran, and entered the house of the dead man, and put the handkerchief which he was wearing on his head upon the face of him who was lying in the couch, and said:  Jesus heal thee.  And forthwith the dead man rose from his bed, and asked who Jesus was. 1687



In place of this chapter, one of the mss. has a number of miracles copied from the canonical Gospels—the walking on the sea, the feeding of the five thousand, the healing of a blind man, the raising of Lazarus, and the raising of a certain young man.

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