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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Apocrypha of the New Testament.: Chapter 37

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Chapter 37.

Now Joseph 1682 was a carpenter, and used to make nothing else of wood but ox-yokes, and ploughs, and implements of husbandry, and wooden beds.  And it came to pass that a certain young man ordered him to make for him a couch six cubits long.  And Joseph commanded his servant 1683 to cut the wood with an iron saw, according to the measure which he had sent.  But he did not keep to the prescribed measure, but made one piece of wood shorter than the other.  And Joseph was in perplexity, and began to consider what he was to do about this.  And when Jesus saw him in this state of cogitation, seeing that it was a matter of impossibility to him, He addresses him with words of comfort, saying:  Come, let us take hold of the ends of the pieces of wood, and let us put them together, end to end, and let us fit them exactly to each other, and draw to us, for we shall be able to make them equal.  Then Joseph did what he was bid, for he knew that He could do whatever He wished.  And Joseph took hold of the ends of the pieces of wood, and brought them together against the wall next himself, and Jesus took hold of the other ends of the pieces of wood, and drew the shorter piece to Him, and made it of the same length as the longer one.  And He said to Joseph:  Go and work, and do what thou hast promised to do.  And Joseph did what he had promised. 1684



One of the mss. tells the story, not of Joseph, but of a certain builder, a worker in wood.


Lit., boy.


One of themss. here inserts:  And when Jesus was with other children He repeatedly went up and sat down upon a balcony, and many of them began to do likewise, and they fell down and broke their legs and arms.  And the Lord Jesus healed them all.

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