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Services & Activities at St. Tekla Haymanout Church
Ibrahimia, Alexandria, Egypt


There are a lot of services & activities in the church.. Some are ruled by priests, some by church committee, and some by individuals..

St. Takla church has followed a unique way to serve all the Christian society.. This includes the great number of activities and meetings which are held weekly for all ages.

For the general Coptic Services Corner, click on the link for other services that might be of more importance to our dear website.

* Click here to get a timetable for the Vesper Prayers and Holy Liturgies at the Church - Great Lent Liturgies timetable.                     Divider

Here is a list of the services in the Church:

1- Sunday Schools


a- Angels (boys)

- Angels (girls)

b- Primary (boys)

- Primary (girls)

c- Preparatory (boys)

- Preparatory (girls)

d- Secondary (young men)

- Secondary (young women)



2- Spiritual Meetings


a- Young Women

b- Young Men

c- Women

d- Men

3- Libraries


a- The Bookshop

b- Multimidia

c- The Library (St. Arsany Library)

4- St. Takla's Scouts                a- Boys                b- Girls

5- The Devoted House

6- Senior's House

7- El-Anba Takla Hospital

8- St. Takla's Angels (Kindergarten)

9- Convention Centers:
        a- Abou-Talat        b- King Mariout

10- "Wings of Holiness" Magazine (Agnehat Al-Kadasa)

11- Praise Team (Fareek Al-Tasbeeh)

12- Saint Demiana's Association

13- Trips and Tours

14- Other:
    a- Books

    b- Audio Tapes:
        + "Words by the Cross" (Kalemat end Al-Saleeb)

    c- Rental of wedding dresses

    d- Dressmaking

    e- Club

15- Computer Center

16- Aquila and Priscilla Meeting, for the engaged and married

    P. S.:- Of course there are the normal services done by every Orthodox church; i. e.  Holy Secrets (Mass, Baptism, Weddings, Confession, ...etc.)

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