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2009 Graduation Photo

7 am - 3 pm daily
except Fridays


35 Mohamed Foad Galal St., Ibrahimia,
(203) 5900600


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St. Takla Church Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten was established in the year 1975, since then we have graduated hundreds of kids..

schlsg1d.gifSpiritual Aims

 We aim to plant spiritual & ecclesiastic seeds at the hearts of our children, in order to make them able to face the society as a good son of God that has a successful Christian & sociable personality.  Spiritual methods includes Bible studies, Hymns, spiritual movies, Holy Liturgies, several meetings with the pastors of the Church.. etc..

Educational View

We prepare kids for school by developing their sociable and educational skills; by teaching languages (English and French), Computer knowledge & Games, handworks, Songs.. etc.

In addition to many social activities like trips, Special events parties (Birthdays, Christmas, Graduation, Easter.. etc..), movies, songs, and handicrafts..

Age: First stage:  3 months - 1 year
            Second phase: 1 year - 2 years
              Third phase: 2 years - 3 years
                Fourth phase: 3 years - 4 years

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(2008 Graduation Party)

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2009 Kindergarten Graduation Photo    Kindergarten graduation 2009    صورة تخريج دفعة الحضانة لسنة 2009


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