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تعلم اللغة الفرنسية
Learn French Language

Tenses الأفعال

3- Perfect المطلق


On this section of French lessons


a- Present        b- Preterit

c- Perfect        d- Future

e-  Pronominal conjugation

f- Groups

i- First group : verbs whose final letters are : ER
ii- Second group : verbs whose final letters are : IR
iii- Third group : verbs whose final letters are : OIR and RE


   être : to be       avoir : to have       aimer : to love   
J'ai été
I have been
J'ai eu
I have had
كان لدي
J'ai aimé
I have loved
أنا أحببت
Tu as été
You are been
كنت أنت
Tu as eu
You have had
كان لديك
Tu as aimé
You have loved
انت احببت
Il a été
He has been
Il a eu
He has had
كان لديه
Il/Elle a aimé
He/She has loved
هو/هي أحببوا
Nous avons été heureux
We have been happy
كنا فرحين
Nous avons eu
We have had
كان لدينا
Nous avons aimé
We have loved
Vous avez été
You have been
Vous avez eu
You have had
كان لديك
Vous avez aimé
You have loved
Ils ont été fachés
They have been angry
كانوا غاضبين
Ils ont eu de l'argent
They have had money
كان لديهم مال
Ils/Elles ont aimé
They have loved



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