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Statement of the President of Egypt: Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, February 1st, 2011


My fellow citizens,

I am addressing you in difficult times when Egypt and her people are being tested, and which threaten to her and them with the unknown.

The nation is faced with difficult developments and harsh tests, begun by honorable youths and citizens who exercised their right to peacefully demonstrate and express their concerns and aspirations. They were quickly taken advantage of by those who sought to sow chaos and who used force and confrontations in an attempt to overthrow constitutional legitimacy.

These demonstrations were transformed from a civilized exercise of freedom of opinion and expression into tragic confrontations driven and controlled by political forces that sought escalation and a conflagration. They targeted the security and stability of the nation through incitement, looting and theft, arson, highway robbery, and the destruction of utilities and public and private property, as well as attacks on diplomatic missions on Egyptian soil. Image: His Excellency President Mohammed Hosny Mubarak, President of Egypt صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: سيادة الرئيس محمد حسني مبارك، رئيس مصر Image: His Excellency President Mohammed Hosny Mubarak, President of Egypt

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: سيادة الرئيس محمد حسني مبارك، رئيس مصر

We are living through painful times, and that which pains us most is the fear that has filled the hearts of the overwhelming majority of Egyptians, and their anxieties and concerns for their and their children’s futures, and for the future and the fate of their country.

The events of the past few days demand that we all, people and leadership, choose between chaos and stability. They created new conditions, and transformed the Egyptian reality, which we the people and the Armed Forces must face with the greatest possible wisdom and concern for the interests of Egypt and her people.

Brothers and Sisters,

I initiated the establishment of a new government with new priorities and new tasks that respond to the demands of our youth and their aspirations. I tasked the Vice-President with entering into a dialogue with all political forces on all issues related to political and democratic reform, as well as the constitutional and legislative amendments that they require, to respond to these legitimate demands. Nonetheless, a number of these political forces refused to enter into dialogue, holding fast to their narrow interests, giving no regard to the critical situation in which Egypt and its people find themselves.

In light of this refusal to accept my invitation to dialogue, and invitation that still stands, I will speak tonight directly to the people; Farmers and workers; Muslims and Copts; Young and old; Every Egyptian man and woman; In the countryside and the cities all across this nation.

I have never sought authority or honors and the people are aware of the difficult circumstances under which I assumed responsibility, and how I served the nation in war and peace. I am a son of the Armed Forces, and betrayal of trust or abandonment of duty or responsibility is not in my nature.

My primary responsibility at this time is to restore the security and stability of the nation to enable a peaceful transfer of authority under conditions that protects Egypt and Egyptians and permit the handing over of responsibility to whomever is chosen by the people in the upcoming elections.

I say to you with utmost sincerity, and without regard for current conditions, that It was never my intention to seek a new presidential term for I have given enough of my life in the service of Egypt and her people. Nonetheless, my greatest concern is to conclude my service to the nation in a manner that guarantees the transfer of responsibility and leadership, and which guarantees a strong, secure and stable Egypt, and which guarantees legitimacy and respect for the constitution.

In the clearest possible terms I declare that I will work in the remaining months of my term to take the necessary measures and make the necessary arrangements to achieve a peaceful transfer of authority in line with the mandate entrusted to me by the constitution.

I call on both houses of Parliament to discuss amendments to Article 76 and 77 of the constitution to modify the qualifications for candidature for the presidency of the Republic, and set a fixed number of terms for the presidency.

So that both house of the current Parliament can address these constitutional amendments, related legislative amendments to laws complimentary to the constitution, and you can read the Egyptian Constitution here at in Arabic. And to ensure the participation of all political forces in this debate, I call on Parliament to abide by the decisions and rulings of the judiciary regarding appeals against the last legislative elections without delay.

I will monitor the Government’s implementation of its new tasks in a manner that delivers the legitimate demands of the people, and in order that its performance reflects the people and their aspirations for political, economic and social reform, and for greater employment opportunities, for a confrontation of poverty, and for the achievement of social justice.

Equally, I call on the police to fulfill their duty to serve the people and protect citizens with integrity, honor and trustworthiness, as well as full respect for their rights, freedoms and dignity.

I also call on all monitoring and judicial authorities to immediately take all necessary measures to pursue the corrupt and investigate those behind the breakdown in security that Egypt witnessed, and those who engaged into looting, theft, arson and terrorism.

This is my oath to the people in the remaining months of my current term. I pray to God to enable me to fulfill it so that I may end my service to Egypt and her people in manner pleasing to God, the nation and her children.

Brothers and Sisters,

Egypt will get through the current conditions stronger then before, more confident, cohesive and stable.

Our people will be more aware of their interests, and they will have greater concern for the protection of their future.

The Hosni Mubarak that is speaking to you today is proud of his long years of service to Egypt and her people. This great nation is my nation, just as it is the nation of every Egyptian man and women. I have lived in it, fought for her, and defended her territory, sovereignty and interests, and on her land I will die, and history will judge me and others.

The nation remains while everyone shall pass. Ancient Egypt will live forever. Her leadership and responsibility for her will pass from the hands of one of her children to the next, and this must be done with strength, dignity, and honor for one generation to the next.

My God protect the nation and its people.

Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.

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