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Nature of Christ, book by H. H. Pope Shenouda III

7- Widely Known Heresies Concerning the Nature of Christ: 4- The Heresy of Eutyches (Eutychianism)         Image: Saint Pope Dioscorus I of Egypt صورة: قداسة البابا المعظم القديس الأنبا ديسقورس 25 Image: Saint Pope Dioscorus I of Egypt

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: قداسة البابا المعظم القديس الأنبا ديسقورس 25

D) The Heresy of Eutyches (Eutychianism):

Eutyches was an archimandrite of a monastery in Constantinople. He zealously opposed the Nestorian heresy, and was so highly concerned about the unity of the two natures in Christ, which Nestorus tore apart, that he fell into another heresy.

Eutyches said that the human nature was absorbed and dissolved in the Divine nature as a drop of vinegar in the ocean. In this way, he denied the human nature of Christ.

After St. Dioscorus had excommunicated him, Eutyches pretended that he repented and accepted the true faith and St. Dioscorus allowed him to return on the condition that he would refute his heresy. Later on however, he again declared his corrupt belief and was condemned by the Council of Chalcedon held in 451 AD, and was also excommunicated by the Coptic Church.

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