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Life of Faith, book by H. H. Pope Shenouda III

61- See God In Every Matter


7 - See God In Every Matter

People’s faith does not grow stronger when they live in a world they separated from God. They give reasons to things that happen in this world without mentioning the name of God, as if the world rotates without God.

a- An example: man can destroy the atom, use nuclear energy, build space-crafts, reach the moon, rotate around the universe and deal with electronics... People then speak out: how great the human mind is! How great is the nation that invented all those things! They fait to mention God's name at all! Image: Jesus and St Mary Magdalene after the Resurrection صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: السيد المسيح مع القديسة مريم المجدلية بعد القيامة Image: Jesus and St Mary Magdalene after the Resurrection

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: السيد المسيح مع القديسة مريم المجدلية بعد القيامة

But the believer says: Glory be to You God the creator of this human mind. You granted him all the possibilities, and You revealed to him all the power You put in nature. If Your believers know all this, so how is it then with You? You who are unlimited, who can do anything? What strengthens the faith of the believer is that he relates every power and every miracle to God.

b- Another example: a person gets sick with a dangerous illness, and a doctor can save him from death and is healed. The sick person and his family admire the cleverness of the doctor, so they thank him in the newspapers and praise him, and consider him the cause for the healing. The name of God is never uttered on their lips.

But the believer says: we thank God that He healed the sick person, His hand was the doctor's hand.

c- A third example: a person is subjected to an accident that would have costed him his life, had there not been a driver who stopped the car a few centimetres apart from him. The people shout and say: how skilful the driver is, but the believer says: God granted this person a new life.

How beautiful it would be if you search for God's hand in every incident so as to strengthen your faith.

Search for God's judgement and work this in your daily life. At that time you will find God everyday, you touch and deal with Him, and you feel His presence in all what happens to you; small or big. In this way your faith will increase day by day.

d- A fourth example: if a believer passes by a garden and sees a flower it would not be suffice to enjoy it's shape and smell as the intellectual does, but will stand overwhelmed in front of it and will say: what is this beauty O Lord that you created? What are these wonderful colours that the most clever artists cannot create, as we have discussed this issue before here on in other sections. No doubt the artificial flowers are accurate and beautiful but are not in this arrangement, besides that they are lifeless without ripeness or smell. It is dead beauty.

Really, contemplating about nature in this manner strengthens the faith.

People of the world admire nature as one; they separated it from God. However, he, who wants to strengthen his faith, sees God in nature. Isn't it His creation? This is how David the Prophet says “The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.” (Ps 19:1). Do you admire a moony night without glorifying God the creator of the moon? Remember God in this way so that He becomes a practical reality to you and not just an intellectual reality to be proved with evidences.. in this way you will everyday live with God .

If you desire to strengthen your faith then don't separate God's creations from Him.

Do not be overwhelmed by the nature and forget God. Don't be overwhelmed by the human mind and it’s dealing with the matter, but say: You are wonderful Lord! How did you create the material world like this with its qualities and effects so that the mind can use for all these aims. Do we wonder about a doctor who extracts a medicine from a certain material, whereas that we forget God who put this quality in this material so that it can serve the doctor's aim!

Another matter can strengthen your faith:

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