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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

485- Undesirable Visit


Maggie saw the postman throwing a letter into the mailbox. She took it soon and gave it to her mother. Her mother read it and said, It's from your aunt. She's coming next week with your cousin Anne-Marie.


'Cause they love us and want to visit us.

I don't want Anne-Marie's visit.


Where will she sleep?

With you, in your room.

No, no. I want no one to sleep with me. I don't want anyone to enter my room, touch my toys and sleep in my bed. Image: Someone opening an envelope, letter. صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: شخص يفتح ظرف، جواب، خطاب. Image: Someone opening an envelope, letter.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: شخص يفتح ظرف، جواب، خطاب.

Mother was silent for a while then said, You didn't experience love. I'm sure you'll love her when you meet her.

No, I wont.

Don't say so. You'll not be always happy without loving others. Don't judge what you didn't experience.

Then, mother was silent and left her daughter to think of what she heard.

Few days later, Aunt and Ann-Marie arrived. Mother received them cheerfully. She opened the door of her daughters room and said, Anne-Marie, this is your sister Maggies room. She loves you and will enjoy being with you these days. Youll sleep by her in this large bed.

Maggie neither uttered a word nor showed any sign of welcoming her cousin.

Ill allow you to lie in my bed but dont touch me. Maggie said at bedtime.

Im not fat and the bed is large.

Dont touch any toy in the morning unless I allow you.


While Anne-Marie was smiling Maggie was frowning. Anne-Marie touched Maggies shoulder saying, How do you sleep without playing?

Didnt I say to you dont touch me? Maggie screamed frowningly.

Sorry, but I cant sleep without playing with my brother with pillows. Said Anne-Marie smilingly.

How do you play with pillows?

Each one carries a pillow and hits the other with it. Its entertaining, lets try it.

Each one took her pillow and hit the others face. Anne-Marie pretended to be defeated and threw herself on the ground. Maggie laughed loudly. The mothers heard them surprised and hurried to the room to see what was happening. The girls felt their mothers approaching so they pretended to be sleeping. They embraced each other and closed their eyes.

The mothers opened the door of the room and realized what happened yet, they pretended that they didnt and left. The girls rose and played for a long time. In the morning, Maggie asked Anne-Marie to do whatever she liked in the room. They loved each other and were inseparable. The week passed and Anne-Marie had to travel. Thus, Maggie wept asking her to revisit saying, I never felt so happy but during this week.

Few days later, Maggie said to her mother, Ive known true happiness. Id like to share all my possessions with others. Giving and love are the secret behind happiness.

→ English translation of the story here at لا أريد زيارتها! Divider

Uproot the spirit of egoism from me in order to regard all people as brethren,

And share with them all what you gave me.

Thus, like your heart, mine would be kind.

O Lord, Bestow upon me true love,

To live happily all the days of my pilgrimage.

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