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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

401- I Decided to Leave the Monastery: Departure without saying Goodbye


At sunset by the delta, the monasterys bells rang and hundreds of monks were flocking towards the church. In minutes the church was full and every body was waiting for Father Pinophius to start the prayers but for the first time he did not show up. They waited for a long time but at last one of the elders led the prayers. After the prayer, the elder rushed to father Pinophious cell. The door was opened but he was not there and a note was posted on the door that says:

My dear brothers, monks of the monastery,

May the peace of our God fill your hearts.

I write you with tears for I feel that I dwelt with great saints whom I am not worthy even to speak with. I used to see the face of our Lord Jesus Christ in each one of you. Your smiling faces and your rejoicing hearts, your concern for the salvation of every body and your prayers for each, especially the needy and rejected souls. Image: A Coptic Orthodox monk heading to a monastery, Church - by Amgad Wadea صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: راهب قبطي أرثوذكسي يتوجه إلى الدير، كنيسة - رسم أمجد وديع Image: A Coptic Orthodox monk heading to a monastery, Church - by Amgad Wadea.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: راهب قبطي أرثوذكسي يتوجه إلى الدير، كنيسة - رسم أمجد وديع.

I wont ever forget these things. I confess my carelessness and my shortcomings. Your continuous praise for me and your generous love disturbed my poor soul. I dont deserve all that love from you and I was afraid of losing my eternity. Forgive me, I decided to leave the monastery but believe me I hold each one of you deep in my heart till the last minute of my life and even when I meat my savior.

Pray for me so that God leads me and prepares me to meet with you.

Forgive me all, God be with you.

Your servant in Christ


Several monks came over to find out what happened to their beloved Father Pinophious. The elder was in tears and the note was falling from his hand while saying, Truly, we dont deserve your presence with us father Pinophious. Youre great in your love and great in your humbleness. But where are you planning to go? The whole country knows you and loves you. Why didnt you say good bye?

The monks felt like orphans lost their loving spiritual father. The monastery sent some monks to search for father Pinophious but in vein.

→ English translation of the story here at قررت أن أغادر الدير. Divider

The old Farmer

At the garden of a monastery in Tibia, a group of youth was working when an old monk stopped by them and said to them, I know that youre in need of a farmer, to help you with the work. We got a good experienced farmer; lets give him a chance.

The youth did not like the idea but they accepted the old farmer. They gave him a lot of hard work so he might get discouraged and leave on his own. The old farmer was working hard and he was nice to all of them with a permanent smile on his face. One evening they were all resting in small huts when the old farmer spoke to them words of kindness. They all loved him and considered him a father. They trusted him with their secrets as he used to lift them up with the Holy Spirit so they can experience the heavenly life.

Every body was attracted to his kindness not only the workers but also the visitors to the monastery. The old farmer used to leave his hut late in the night so he could do others work before anybody could see him.

Several years went by, one day one of the visitors drew nearer to the old farmer and suddenly he fell to the ground trying to kiss the farmers feet. The visitor started to cry out, I wont let you go father Pinophious.

Father Pinophious tried to escape but people were all around asking the visitor about his mystery. He told them that this man was father Pinophious who left his monastery in the delta escaping the great honor he got.

Under a lot of pressure, he accepted to return to his monastery where he was received with great honor. As for him, he was crying bitterly because he ran away from pride but it came back several folds.

The personnel at the monastery were keeping an eye on him so that he would not escape again but he managed to run away to the monastery in Palestine. Nevertheless, he was returned to his monastery.

*St. John Cassian told us this true story, as he met father Pinophious in his monastery in Palestine. Divider

In love Pinophious left the monastery to escape from pride.

In love he carried his brethren in his heart every where he went.

He ran away from pride but he did not run away from work.

He ran away not to look for comfort but to labor more.

Wherever he existed, he lifted every person to You.

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