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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

218- A Cup of Coffee


Jack sat down with his father confessor complaining of his dad who did not let him talk to his chemistry teacher, Michael.

 I dont know how to deal with my father, for he doesnt want me even to speak to Mr. Michael.

 What do you like about Michael?

 Hes kind and honest in everything he does.

 Do you think that your father likes these qualities?

 Sure he does but he doesnt like Mr. Michael.

 How do you justify that?

 Maybe my father is jealous cause I talk a lot about Mr. Michael.

 I dont think so since your Dad is a kind loving man. He wants you to have Michael's qualities but not to be a spitting copy of him or of any other person. He wants you to have your own personality. Learn from the others and imitate them in the serious matters and apply what you gained in the way, which matches your personality and your circumstances. Thus, you wouldnt be like a monkey imitating without thinking. Image: Coffee cup spilled on the plate, with spoon صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: فنجان قهوة مسكوب على الطبق، مع ملعقة Image: Coffee cup spilled on the plate, with spoon.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: فنجان قهوة مسكوب على الطبق، مع ملعقة.

This is what the Bible teaches us, St. Paul desires that we will be like him since he is like Jesus. The Church's tradition is to deliver from one generation to the other the living faith practically and not as an imitation, not just the imitation of apparent, arid and meaningless actions. By means of this tradition, we meet with our God through the work of His Fiery Spirit in our belief as well as in our communal and private worship and through the canons of the Church. We see Him transfigured in the history of our Church. That's the true tradition.

The Priest remained silent for a while then he told Jack a story that illustrated the danger of imitation without understanding and without clear wisdom.

One of the presidents of the United States of America invited a group of farmers to the White House. Since these farmers were not familiar with the protocol, they all agreed to do exactly what the president did.

Coffee was offered to them just like the rest of the people attending. The president held his coffee dish, so all the farmers picked up their own. The president poured some coffee into the dish and the farmers all did accordingly. The president bent down and offered the dish to his cat. The farmers became embarrassed and didnt know what to do.

→ English translation of the story here at فنجان قهوة. Divider

Let me live with You and follow the example of Your apostles.

They received Your Bible, Your promises and the faith in You.

They even received their lives from You.

Grant me to learn from their lives,

Enjoying Your heavenly fatherhood,

Carrying Your Holy Spirit always to renew my soul.

 Grant me to follow my fathers' footsteps

So I can carry the love that abides in them, by the work of Your Holy Spirit.

Through the living tradition, I see You transfigured in all worships.

I interact with You through the history of Your Church.

I hear Your voice through every Church law,

So I can turn into a lively icon for Your heaven.