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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

172- Do This and you will Be Happy


Young Anthony sold every thing he owned and gave the money to the poor. He was eager to serve God. He was very happy with his new choice, hoping to live in heaven, with angels. To his surprise, he started to feel bored and many thoughts attacked him. He shouted to God, I like to be saved, but the thoughts never leave me alone, what should I do?

Anthony moved from one place to another. He was in a great dilemma, not knowing what to do. Suddenly he saw a man weaving palm leaves, making mats and baskets, praising the Lord while doing his work and then stopped for the time of prayer. This man was repeating the process of working and praying. Anthony realized that this was an angel, that work is part of worshiping and that the mind of a slugger is a factory for the devil. Image: Saint Anthony the Egyptian, Father of All Monks. صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: القديس الأنبا أنطونيوس المصري، أب جميع الرهبان. Image: Saint Anthony the Egyptian, Father of All Monks.

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: القديس الأنبا أنطونيوس المصري، أب جميع الرهبان.

This was the beginning of the Monastic life in Egypt; work is a must not only for the monks. The poor need to work also for their salvation and eternal life. A true believer does not have a dull moment. Every second of his life is valuable. He would not stop till the last breath. Young people sometimes escape from their studies by exaggerating in their spiritual life, not knowing that making a balance is a safe royal approach. The spiritual student is keen on his studies, knowing that this could be the talent that God gave him to utilize.

The main concern of Satan is to create the feeling of complaint. Young people may feel guilty of concentrating on studies and neglecting the time for worship. On the other hand, during worship, they feel guilty of neglecting their studies. A happy balance will be the best thing to do,

Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesars, and to God the things that are Gods (Luke 20.25).


Here are some practical ideas:

Keep your Bible wide open at your desk, to remind you that you are in the presence of God.

Between subjects, read a psalm or part of a psalm.

If you feel bored, pray in a low voice (e.g. give me honesty in doing what I am doing, support me so I can be saved.)

If it is difficult to concentrate, cry to God for help.

→ English translation of the story here at اعمل هذا، وأنت تستريح! Divider

Lord let me be honest in all things.

Who will give me honesty except You? You are truthful and just.

Let me be honest in my work as well as in my worship,

Honest with people as well as with You.

Let me feel Your Presence during my work so my soul may be comforted,

And I draw power from You during my work.

Let me hear Your sweet voice,

You were faithful in that which is least I will trust you also in much.

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