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Short Stories (Stories for the Youth), book by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty

33- I will listen to both sides


I saw him sitting at the back of the church, full of sadness and bitterness. I called him and asked for the reason behind that sadness. He answered narrating the following story: Today is Friday. Id to go to work for some delayed work, so I told my wife that Ill take our son with me and well return at noon. As I started working, I remembered that I forgot an important paper at home, so I returned home with my son. As I opened the door and entered my bedroom, I found my wife betraying me in my bed. I found nothing to do except to come here and ask, What shall I do?

I told him, I listened to you but Im used to listen to both sides and never do I judge in any matter by listening to one side only even if its very clear.

He answered, I dont mind. I used to trust her and I think that she wont lie. I also thought that shes very loyal and pure till I saw what I cant believe. Image: Problems between couple, family and marriage issues, husband and wife صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: شخصان لديهم مشاكل، مشاكل أسرية، مشكلات بين الزوجين (العائلة)، أزوج و زوجات Image: Problems between couple, family and marriage issues, husband and wife

صورة في موقع الأنبا تكلا: شخصان لديهم مشاكل، مشاكل أسرية، مشكلات بين الزوجين (العائلة)، أزوج و زوجات

We prayed together. Then, I went to his house to find his wife crying bitterly. I said to her, I want to know the reality of what he says about you. For I thought she is crying because he accused her of adultery.

With the pure repentant spirit she said, All what hes told you is right. There is no witness. Now I dont care about my prestige in front of the people or even the continuity of my family life, the only thing I care for is my eternity that I lost because of my sins. I dont want to apologize, for in all cases Im a sinner. Im not scared of divorce; rather I am ready to say the truth in front of the court and the church. If he wants to divorce, I wont defend myself rather Ill help him. If he wants to get married, its his right but for me, Ill live the rest of my life in tears. Maybe God will forgive me.

She was crying bitterly that her husband could not bear it so he cried and said, God has covered me in my youth and He always covers my impure thoughts and dreams. Now its my turn to cover you.

He kissed her saying, Lets start a new life, with our Christ between us, blessing us with His spirit.

The couple lived a blessed life for years, without anyone blaming the other. That is how the young husband succeeded to benefit his wife with his forgiving love living with her in repentance and God filled their life with peace and love.

Do not rush judging others, and do not close the door of repentance before anybody, to let God open the door of mercy before you. Be honest with yourself as this young wife. If you sinned do not cover it with a nice cover of cheating. Rather, cover it with Christs love that works in the true repentant life. Put your life in the Holy Spirits hands who blames the sin and deliver you to the Fathers bosom.

→ English translation of the story here at لأستمع إلى الطرفين! Divider

You covered me and You still do,

Grant me to cover my brethren.

With Your love, You showed me my brethrens weaknesses.

Give me to cover them, not to reveal them.

You cover my disclosed thoughts and weaknesses.

Give me to cover the sins of my brethren.

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