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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. XI:
The Works of John Cassian.: Conference I. First Conference of Abbot Moses.

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p. 295

Cassian’s Conferences.

I. First Conference of Abbot Moses.


Chapter I. Of our stay in Scete, and that which we proposed to Abbot Moses.
Chapter II. Of the question of Abbot Moses, who asked what was the goal and what the end of the monk.
Chapter III. Of our reply.
Chapter IV. Of Abbot Moses' question on the aforesaid statement.
Chapter V. A comparison with a man who is trying to hit a mark.
Chapter VI. Of those who in renouncing the world, aim at perfection without love.
Chapter VII. How peace of mind should be sought.
Chapter VIII. Of the main effort towards the contemplation of things and an illustration from the case of Martha and Mary.
Chapter IX. A question how it is that the practice of virtue cannot remain with a man.
Chapter X. The answer that not the reward, but the doing of them will come to an end.
Chapter XI. On the abiding character of love.
Chapter XII. A question on perseverance in spiritual contemplation.
Chapter XIII. The answer concerning the direction of the heart towards and concerning the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the devil.
Chapter XIV. Of the continuance of the soul.
Chapter XV. How we must meditate on God.
Chapter XVI. A question on the changing character of the thoughts.
Chapter XVII. The answer what the mind can and what it cannot do with regard to the state of its thoughts.
Chapter XVIII. Comparison of a soul and a millstone.
Chapter XIX. Of the three origins of our thoughts.
Chapter XX. About discerning the thoughts, with an illustration from a good money-changer.
Chapter XXI. Of the illusion of Abbot John.
Chapter XXII. Of the fourfold method of discrimination.
Chapter XXIII. Of the discourse of the teacher in regard to the merits of his hearers.

نقاوة القلب طريق الملكوت، للأب موسى (مناظرة 1 من سلسلة المناظرات)

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