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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. XI:
The Works of John Cassian.: Book XII. Of the Spirit of Pride.

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p. 280

Book XII.

Of the Spirit of Pride.


Chapter I. How our eighth combat is against the spirit of pride, and of its character.
Chapter II. How there are two kinds of pride.
Chapter III. How pride is equally destructive of all virtues.
Chapter IV. How by reason of pride Lucifer was turned from an archangel into a devil.
Chapter V. That incentives to all sins spring from pride.
Chapter VI. That the sin of pride is last in the actual order of the combat, but first in time and origin.
Chapter VII. That the evil of pride is so great that it rightly has even God Himself as its adversary.
Chapter VIII. How God has destroyed the pride of the devil by the virtue of humility, and various passages in proof of this.
Chapter IX. How we too may overcome pride.
Chapter X. How no one can obtain perfect virtue and the promised bliss by his own strength alone.
Chapter XI. The case of the thief and of David, and of our call in order to illustrate the grace of God.
Chapter XII. That no toil is worthy to be compared with the promised bliss.
Chapter XIII. The teaching of the elders on the method of acquiring purity.
Chapter XIV. That the help of God is given to those who labour.
Chapter XV. From whom we can learn the way of perfection.
Chapter XVI. That we cannot even make the effort to obtain perfection without the mercy and inspiration of God.
Chapter XVII. Various passages which clearly show that we cannot do anything which belongs to our salvation without the aid of God.
Chapter XVIII. How we are protected by the grace of God not only in our natural condition, but also by His daily Providence.
Chapter XIX. How this faith concerning the grace of God was delivered to us by the ancient Fathers.
Chapter XX. Of one who for his blasphemy was given over to a most unclean spirit.
Chapter XXI. The instance of Joash, King of Judah, showing what was the consequence of his pride.
Chapter XXII. That every proud soul is subject to spiritual wickedness to be deceived by it.
Chapter XXIII. How perfection can only be attained through the virtue of humility.
Chapter XXIV. Who are attacked by spiritual and who by carnal pride.
Chapter XXV. A description of carnal pride, and of the evils which it produces in the soul of a monk.
Chapter XXVI. That a man whose foundation is bad, sinks daily from bad to worse.
Chapter XXVII. A description of the faults which spring from the evil of pride.
Chapter XXVIII. On the pride of a certain brother.
Chapter XXIX. The signs by which you can recognize the presence of carnal pride in a soul.
Chapter XXX. How when a man has grown cold through pride he wants to be put to rule other people.
Chapter XXXI. How we can overcome pride and attain perfection.
Chapter XXXII. How pride which is so destructive of all virtues can itself be destroyed by true humility.
Chapter XXXIII. Remedies against the evil of pride.

الكتاب الثاني عشر: عن روح الكبرياء

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