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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. XI:
The Works of John Cassian.: Chapter XXVIII. On the pride of a certain brother.

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Chapter XXVIII.

On the pride of a certain brother.

I have heard while I have been in this district a thing which I shudder and am ashamed to recall; viz., that one of the juniors—when he was reproved by his Abbot because he had shown signs of throwing off the humility, of which he had made trial for a short time at his renunciation of the world, and of being puffed up with diabolical pride—most impertinently answered, “Did I humiliate myself for a time on purpose to be always in subjection?” And at this wanton and wicked reply of his the elder was utterly aghast, and could say nothing, as if he had received this answer from old Lucifer himself and not from a man; so that he could not possibly utter a word against such impudence, but only let fall sighs and groans from his heart; turning over in silence in his mind that which is said of our Saviour: “Who being in the form of God humbled Himself and became obedient”—not, as the man said who was seized with a diabolical spirit of pride, “for a time,” but “even to death.” 1081



Phil. 2:6, 8.

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