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Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Ser. II, Vol. III:
The Ecclesiastical History, Dialogues, and Letters of Theodoret.: Chronological Tables to accompany the History and Life of Theodoret.

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p. xi

Chronological Tables to accompany the History and Life of Theodoret.



Defeat and relegation of Licinius.

Theod. i. 1; Soc. i. 4; Soz. i. 8; Eus. x. 9.


Execution of Licinius. Macarius, bishop of Jerusalem, Silvester of Rome, and Alexander of Alexandria.

Theod. i. 2; Soc. i. 9; Soz. i. 2.

Colluthus condemned at Alexandria.

Theod. i. 3


20th year of Constantine I. COUNCIL OF NICÆA (May 20–Aug. 25).

Theod. i. 6; Soc. i. 8; Soz. i. 17.

Birth of Gallus (Cæsar).

Theod. iii. 1

Birth of Gregory of Nazianzus.

Eustathius of Berœa elected bishop of Antioch.

Theod. i. 3; Soz. i. 2.

Constantine writes a letter ordering the building and reparation of churches.

Theod. i. 14

Also a letter to Macarius, bishop of Jerusalem, about the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Theod. i. 16; Soc. i. 9.


Alexander, bishop of Alexandria, died in January (perhaps April), and Athanasius succeeds, probably on June 8th. The Festal Index gives 328.

Theod. i. 25; Soc. i. 15; Soz. ii. 17.


? Consecration of Frumentius to the Abyssinian bishopric.

Theod. i. 22; Soc. i. 19; Soz. ii. 24.


Arian Council of Antioch, and deposition of Eustathius: but the date is much controverted. Possibly 330 or 331.

Theod. i. 20; Soc. i. 24; Soz. ii. 19.


Incident of Ischyras and Macarius.

Theod. ii. 6; Soc. i. 27.

Birth of Basil of Cæsarea, “the Great.”


Byzantium dedicated as Constantinople, May 11th.

cf. Theod. i. 18; Soc. i. 16; Soz. i. 3.


Birth of Julian.

Perhaps the deposition of Eustathius.


Constantine’s letter to Sapor II.

Theod. i. 24


Division of the empire between Constantine, Constantius, and Constans, sons, and Dalmatius and Hannibalianus, nephews, of the emperor.

Dedication of the Great Church at Jerusalem.

Theod. i. 29; Soc. i. 28; Soz. ii. 26.

Anthony summoned to Alexandria.

Theod. iv. 24

Councils of Tyre and Jerusalem; first exile of Athanasius.

Theod. i. 28–29; Soc. i. 28; Soz. ii. 25.


Athanasius at Treves.

Theod. i. 29; Soc. i. 35; Soz. ii. 28.

Death of Arius.

Theod. i. 13; Soc. i. 38; Soz. ii. 29.

Death (? Clinton gives 340) of Alexander of Constantinople.

Theod. i. 19.


Death of Constantine I. Whitsunday.

Theod. i. 30; Soc. i. 39; Soz. ii. 34.


Athanasius’ restoration recommended by Constantine II.

Theod. ii. 1; Soc. ii. 3; Soz. iii. 2.


Constantine II. defeated and slain near Aquileia.

Theod. ii. 3; Soc. ii. 5; Soz. iii. 2.

Constantius at war with Persia.

Death of Eusebius of Cæsarea, the historian.

Paul and Eusebius of Nicomedia rivals at Constantinople.

Theod. i. 19; Soc. ii. 7; Soz. iii. 4.

Athanasius withdraws to Rome.

Gregory at Alexandria.

Theod. ii. 3; Soc. ii. 11; Soz. iii. 6.

Arian Synod of the Dedication of the Great Church at Antioch, commonly dated 341.

Theod. ii. 3; Soc. ii. 10; Soz. iii. 5.


Constantius orders expulsion of Paul from Constantinople.

Theod. ii. 4; Soc. ii. 7; Soz. iii. 4.


Persecution in Persia.

343–4 or 347.

(See note on p. 67.) Council of Sardica.

Theod. ii. 6; Soc. ii. 14; Soz. iii. 11.

Athanasius received at Milan by Constans.


Murder of Gregory.

Theod. ii. 9.

345 or 346.

Deposition of Stephen of Antioch.

Theod. ii. 8; Soc. ii. 26; Soz. iii. 20.

Return of Athanasius, October 21.

Theod. ii. 3; Soc. ii. 33; Soz. iii. 70.

p. xii 347.

Birth of John Chrysostom.


Council at Jerusalem (Mansi. ii. 171 u.), under bp. Maximus, in favour of Athanasius. 1st Council of Sirmium.


Revolt of Magnentius.

Theod. ii. 12; Soc. ii. 25.

Constans killed February 27.

Theod. ii. 9; Soc. ii. 25; Soz. iv. 1.


Constantius, sole emperor, defeats Magnentius at Mursa.

2nd Council of Sirmium.


Liberius succeeds Julius in the See of Rome

Theod. ii. 12.

Paul of Constantinople strangled.

Theod. ii. 4; Soc. ii. 26; Soz. iv. 2.


Suicide of Magnentius.


Council of Milan.

Theod. ii. 12; Soc. ii. 36; Soz. iv. 9.


Intrusion of George at Alexandria.

Theod. ii. 10; Soc. ii. 14; Soz. iv. 30.


Deposition of Cyril of Jerusalem by Acacius.

Theod. ii. 22; Soc. ii. 42; Soz. iv. 25.

3rd Council of Sirmium.


Return of Liberius.

Theod. ii. 14; Soc. ii. 42; Soz. iv. 15.


Synod of the Isaurian Seleucia.

Theod. ii. 22; Soc. ii. 39; Soz. iv. 22.

Birth of Gratianus.

Council of Ariminum.

Theod. ii. 15; Soc. ii. 37; Soz. iv. 17.


Synod of Nica.

Theod. ii. 16.

3rd Council of Constantinople. (Semi Arian.)


Nov. 3 Death of Constantius.

Accession of Julian.

Theod. iii. 1; Soc. ii. 47; Soz. v. 1.


Murder of George of Alexandria.

Athanasius returns Feb. 22, but goes into 4th exile in October.

Theod. iii. 5; Soc. iii. 4; Soz. vi. 6.


Julian’s baffled attempt to rebuild the Temple

Theod. iii. 15; Soc. iii. 70; Soz. v. 22.

Julian’s Persian expedition and death, June 26.

Theod. iii. 20; Soc. iii. 17; Soz. vi. 1.

Accession of Jovian, June 27


Death of Jovian.

Theod. iv. 4; Soc. iii. 26; Soz. vi. 3.

Accession of Valentinian. Valens Augustus.


Liberius, bp. of Rome, dies and is succeeded by Damasus.

Theod. ii. 17; Soc. iv. 29; Soz. vi. 23.


Gratianus, son of Valentinian, declared Augustus. æt. s.8.

Theod. v. 1.

5th exile of Athanasius.


Basil becomes bishop of Cæsarea.

Theod. iv. 16; Soc. iv. 26; Soz. vi. 16.


Gregory of Nazianzus becomes bishop of Sasima.

Theod. v. 7; Soc. iv. 26; Soz. vi. 17.


Death of Athanasius, May 2.

Theod. iv. 17; Soc. iv. 20; Soz. vi. 19.

Death of Ephraim Syrus, June 19.

Theod. iv. 26; Soc. iii. 16.


Auxentius of Milan dies.

Theod. iv. 5; Soc. iv. 30; Soz. i. 24.

Ambrose archbishop of Milan.

Theod. iv. 6.


Gratian emperor of the West.

Theod. v. 1; Soc. iv. 31; Soz. vi. 36.


Death of Valens.

Theod. iv. 32; Soc. iv. 37; Soz. vi. 40.


Theodosius named Augustus, Jan. 19.

Theod. v. 5; Soc. v. 2; Soz. vii. 2.

Gregory of Nazianzus at Constantinople.

Theod. v. 8; Soc. v. 6; Soz. vii. 7.


Council of Constantinople

Theod. v. 8; Soc. v. 8; Soz. vii. 7.


Death of Gratian. Rebellion of Maximus.

Theod. v. 12; Soc. v. 11; Soz. vii. 13.


Birth of Theodoret, according to the less probable date of Garnerius.


Sedition at Antioch.

Theod. v. 19; Soc. v. 15; Soz. vii. 23.


Defeat and death of Maximus.

Death of Cyril of Jerusalem.


Destruction of the Serapeum.

Theod. v. 22; Soc. v. 16; Soz. vii. 15.

Massacre at Thessalonica.

Theod. v. 17.

Death of Gregory of Nazianzus.


Death of Valentinian II. Eugenius set up as Emperor.

Theod. v. 24.


Birth of Theodoret, according to the more probable date of Tillemont.


Theodosius defeats Eugenius.

Theod. v. 24; Soc. v. 25; Soz. vii. 24.


Death of Theodosius. Accession of Honorius and Arcadius.

Theod. v. 25; Soc. v. 26; Soz. vii. 25.


John Chrysostom becomes bishop of Constantinople.

Theod. v. 27; Soc. vi. 2; Soz. viii. 2.


Revolt of Gainas.

cf. Theod. v. 33; Soc. vi. 6; Soz. viii. 4.


Roman legions withdrawn from Britain.


Synod of the “the Oak.”

Theod. v. 34; Soc. vi. 15; Soz. viii. 19.


Death of the empress Eudoxia.

Chrysostom ordered to quit Constantinople.

Theod. v. 34; Soc. vi. 18; Soz. viii. 24.


Death of Chrysostom.

Theod. v. 34.


Death of Arcadius. Accession of Theodosius II.

Theod. v. 36.


Sack of Rome by Alaric.

p. xiii 412.

Cyril becomes patriarch of Alexandria.

Theod. v. 35.


Murder of Hypatia at Alexandria.

Theodoret loses his parents and retires to Nicerte.

Theod. Epp. CXIII, CXIX.


Council of Carthage.


Death of Honorius.

Theodoret becomes bishop of Cyrus.


Accession of Valentinian III.


Nestorius becomes bishop of Constantinople.

Vandals in Africa.

Theod. Epp. XXIX–XXXVI.


Death of Theodotus, patriarch of Antioch, fixed by Theodoretus as the term of his History.

Theod. v. 39.


Letters of Celestine of Rome and Cyril of Alexandria to John of Antioch on the Western condemnation of Nestorius.

Death of St. Augustine.


Council of Ephesus. (3rd general.)


Council of Orientals at Berœa. (St. Patrick’s mission.)


Peace between Cyril and the Orientals.

434 (c).

Friendly correspondence between Theod. and Cyril.

Theod. Ep. LXXXIII.


Translation of the relics of Chrysostom to Constantinople.

Theod. v. 36; Soc. vii. 45.

Cyril denounces Diodorus and Theodore of Mopsuestia: renewal of hostilities with Theodoret.


Accession of Isdigerdes II., the last event referred to in the Ecc. History.

Theod. v. 38.


Death of Cyril of Alexandria.

Theod. Ep. CLXXX.

Accession of Dioscorus.

446 (c).

Composition of the “Dialogues.”


Dioscorus deposes Irenæus of Tyre.


(March 30.) Edict confining Theodoret within the limits of his diocese.

(Aug.) Assembly of the “Latrocinium” at Ephesus.


(July 29.) Death of Theodosius II.

Accession of Pulcheria and Marcian.


Council of Chalcedon. (4th general.)


Death of Theodoret, according to Tillemont.


Probable date of the death, according to Garnerius.

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