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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol IX:
The Diatessaron of Tatian.: Section XLI

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Section XLI.

[1]  2801 Therefore, behold, I, the wisdom of God, am sending unto you prophets, and apostles, and wise men, and scribes:  and some of them ye shall slay and crucify; and some of them ye shall beat in your synagogues, and persecute 2802 from city to [2] city:   2803 that there may come on you all the blood of the righteous that hath been poured upon the ground 2804 from the blood of Abel the pure to the blood of Zachariah the son of Barachiah, whom ye slew between the temple 2805 and the altar.  [3]  2806 Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation. 2807

[4] [Arabic, p. 155]  2808 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, slayer of the prophets, and stoner of them that are sent unto her! how many times did I wish to gather thy children, as [5] a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!   2809 Your house shall [6] be left over you desolate.   2810 Verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

[7]  2811 And many of the rulers also believed on him; but because of the Pharisees they [8] were not confessing him, lest they be put 2812 out of the synagogue:   2813 and they loved [9] the praise of men more than the praising of God.   2814 And Jesus cried and said, [10] Whosoever believeth in me, believeth not in me, but in him that sent me.   2815 And [11] whosoever seeth me hath seen him that sent me.   2816 I am come a light 2817 into the [12] world, and so every one that believeth in me abideth not in the darkness.   2818 And whosoever heareth my sayings, and keepeth them not, I judge him not:  for I came [13] not to judge the world, but to give the world life. 2819   2820 Whosoever wrongeth 2821 me, and receiveth not my sayings, there is one that judgeth him:  the word that I spake, it [14] shall judge him at the last day.   2822 I from myself did not speak:  but the Father which sent me, he hath given me commandment, 2823 what I should say, and what I [15] should speak; and I know that his commandment 2824 is eternal life.   2825 The things that I say now, as my Father hath said unto me, even so I say.

[16]  2826 And when he said that unto them, the scribes and Pharisees began their evil-doing, being angry with him, and finding fault with his sayings, and harassing 2827 him [17] in many things;  2828 seeking to catch something from his mouth, that they might be able to calumniate him.

[18]  2829 And when there gathered together myriads of great multitudes, which almost trode p. 107 [Arabic, p. 156] one upon another, Jesus began to say unto his disciples, Preserve yourselves [19] from the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.   2830 For there is nothing [20] concealed, that shall not be revealed:  nor hid, that shall not be known.   2831 Everything that ye have said in the darkness shall be heard in the light; and what ye have spoken secretly in the ears in the inner chambers shall be proclaimed on the roofs.

[21, 22]  2832 This said Jesus, and he went and hid himself from them.   2833 But notwithstanding [23] his having done all these signs before them, they believed not in him:   2834 that the word of Isaiah the prophet might be fulfilled, who said,

My Lord, who is he that hath believed to hear us?

And the arm of the Lord, to whom hath it appeared?

[24]  2835 And for this reason it is not possible for them to believe, because Isaiah also said,

[25]  2836 They have blinded their eyes, and made dark their heart;

That they may not see with their eyes, and understand with their heart,

And turn,

So that I should heal them.

[26]  2837 This said Isaiah when he saw his glory, and spake of him.

[27]  2838 And when Jesus went out of the temple, certain of his disciples came forward [28] to shew 2839 him the buildings of the temple,  2840 and its beauty and greatness, and the strength of the stones that were laid in it, and the elegance of its building, and that [29] it was adorned with noble stones and beautiful colours.   2841 Jesus answered and said [30] unto them, See ye these great buildings?  2842 verily I say unto you, Days will come, when there shall not be left here a stone upon another, that shall not be cast down.

[31]  2843 And two days before 2844 the passover of unleavened bread, the chief priests and [32] the scribes sought how they might take him by deceit, 2845 and kill him:   2846 and they said, It shall not be at the feast, lest the people be agitated.

[33]  2847 And when Jesus sat on the mount of Olives opposite the temple, his disciples, Simon Cephas and James and John and Andrew, came forward unto him, and said unto him [34] between themselves and him,  2848 Teacher, tell us when that shall be, and what is the sign [35] [Arabic, p. 157] of thy coming and the end of the world.   2849 Jesus answered and said unto them, Days will come, when ye shall long to see one of the days of the Son of [36, 37]  2850 man, and shall not behold.   2851 Take heed lest any man lead you astray.  Many shall [38] come in my name, and say, I am the Messiah;  2852 and they shall say, The time is come [39] near, and shall lead many astray:  go not therefore after them.   2853 And when ye hear of wars and tidings of insurrections, see to it, be 2854 not agitated:  for these things must [40] first be; only the end is not yet come.   2855 Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom [41] against kingdom:   2856 and great earthquakes shall be in one place and another, and there shall be famines and deaths and agitations:  and there shall be fear and terror and great signs that 2857 shall appear from heaven, and there shall be great [42, 43] storms    2858 All these things are the beginning of travail.   2859 But before all of that, they shall lay hands upon you, and persecute you, and deliver you unto the synagogues [44] and into prisons, and bring you before kings and judges for my name’s sake.   2860 And [45] that shall be unto you for a witness.   2861 But first must my gospel be preached unto all [46] nations.   2862 And when they bring you into the synagogues before the rulers and the authorities, be not anxious beforehand how ye shall answer for yourselves, or what ye [47, 48] shall say:   2863 because it is not ye that speak, but the Holy Spirit.   2864 Lay it to your heart, not [49] [Arabic, p. 158] to be anxious before the time what ye shall say:   2865 and I shall 2866 give you understanding and wisdom, 2867 which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay.  [50]  2868 And then shall they deliver you unto constraint, and shall kill you:  and ye shall be [51] hated of all nations because of my name.   2869 And then shall many go astray, 2870 and they [52] shall hate one another, and deliver one another unto death.   2871 And your parents, and your brethren, and your kinsfolk, and your friends shall deliver you up, and shall [53, 54] slay some of you.   2872 But a lock of hair from your heads shall not perish.   2873 And by [55] your patience ye shall gain 2874 your souls.   2875 And many men2876 false prophets, shall arise, [56] and lead many astray.   2877 And because of the abounding of iniquity, the love of many p. 108 [57] shall wax cold.   2878 But he that endureth to the end, the same shall be saved.   2879 And [58] this, the 2880 gospel of the kingdom, shall be preached in all the world for a testimony to all nations; and then shall come the end of all.



Matt. xxiii. 34.


cf. 8, 34.


Matt. xxiii. 35.


Or, earth.


Or, sanctuary.


Matt. xxiii. 36.


See § 1, 49, note.


Matt. xxiii. 37.


Matt. xxiii. 38.


Matt. xxiii. 39.


John xii. 42.


Lit. become.


John xii. 43.


John xii. 44.


John xii. 45.


John xii. 46.


The text as it stands ought to mean I am a lightI am come; but it is a word-for-word reproduction of the Peshitta, and should therefore doubtless be rendered as above.


John xii. 47.


Or, to save the world (cf. § 1, 78, note).


John xii. 48.


See § 20, 28, note.


John xii. 49.


Not the same word.


Not the same word.


John xii. 50.


Luke xi. 53.


So Ciasca, following Vat. ms.  The true reading, however, is probably that underlying the Borg. ms.  If we restore diacritical points to the radical letters we get deceiving (cf. § 41, 31), an alternative meaning (or the word laying wait for, used in the Peshitta.  The Arabic follows the Peshitta very closely in this and the following verse.


Luke xi. 54.


Luke xii. 1.


Luke xii. 2.


Luke xii. 3.


John xii. 36b.


John xii. 37.


John xii. 38.


John xii. 39.


John xii. 40.


John xii. 41.


Matt. xxiv. 1.


Or, and shewed.


Mark 13:1, Luke 21:5.


Matt. xxiv. 2a.


Luke 19:43, 44, Matt. 24:2, Mark 13:2.


Mark xiv. 1.


Lit. before two days would be (cf. Sin. and above, § 39, 1, note).


cf. § 41, 16, note.


Mark xiv. 2.


Mark xiii. 3.


Luke 21:7, Matt. 24:3.


Matt. 24:4, Luke 17:22.


Matt. xxiv. 5a.


Luke xxi. 8b.


Mark 13:6, Luke 21:8.


Mark 13:7, Matt. 24:7, Luke 21:9.


Or, that ye be, if we suppose the present text to have resulted from the loss of the second of two alifs.


Matt. xxiv. 7a.


Luke xxi. 11.


Or, omit that.


Matt. xxiv. 8.


Luke xxi. 12.


Luke xxi. 13.


Mark xiii. 10.


Luke xii. 11.


Mark xiii. 11b.


Luke xxi. 14.


Luke xxi. 15.


The Arabic text lacks a letter.


Borg. ms. reads you the fruits of wisdom.


Matt. xxiv. 9.


Matt. xxiv. 30.


See § 25, 17, note.


Luke xxi. 16.


Luke xxi. 18.


Luke xxi. 19.


Or, possess.


Matt. xxiv. 11.


So the Arabic text; but it doubtless simply represents the Syriac, which here agrees with the Greek.


Matt. xxiv. 12.


Matt. xxiv. 13.


Matt. xxiv. 14.


So the Arabic text; but it doubtless simply represents the Syriac, which here agrees with the Greek.

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