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Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol VIII:
Apocrypha of the New Testament.: Chapter 5

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Chapter 5.

Then Anna, filled with the Holy Spirit, said before them all:  The Lord Almighty, the God of Hosts, being mindful of His word, hath visited His people with a good and holy visitation, to bring down the hearts of the Gentiles who were rising against us, and turn them to Himself.  He hath opened His ears to our prayers:  He hath kept away from us the exulting of all our enemies.  The barren hath become a mother, and hath brought forth exultation and gladness to Israel.  Behold the gifts which I have brought to offer to my Lord, and mine enemies have not been able to hinder me.  For God hath turned their hearts to me, and Himself hath given me everlasting joy.

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